One piece chapter 1054 Leaked on Twitter and Reddit, Raw Scans, new Marines Admiral revealed, and more >

One piece chapter 1054 Leaked on Twitter and Reddit, Raw Scans, new Marines Admiral revealed, and more Fans continue to build up their anticipation for One Piece Chapter 1054 as each day goes by. This new installment of the franchise will be released in just a few days, which can only mean one thing: Twitter is exploding with spoilers and leaked screenshots. Follow more updates on

One Piece Chapter 1054 Raw Scans

The description of the upcoming events was confirmed a few hours ago when the first scans for One Piece Chapter 1054 became available.

These scans, which have been distributed by a number of leakers, include everyone from the Red Hair Pirates—our favorite—to a brand-new Marine. Learn more about the scans and what they potentially reveal about One Piece Chapter 1054 by reading on.

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The start of a new battle that will take place inside the Land of Wano is revealed in the first scan of One Piece Chapter 1054. In Chapter 1053, Aramaki, also known as Greenbul, entered the nation with the goal of killing Luffy and putting an end to the mayhem he was causing abroad.

One piece chapter 1054 Leaked on Reddit

The Red Scabbards will battle this formidable new foe in order to keep him from disrupting the festivities. As Aramaki moves, plants begin to appear around him thanks to the manifestation of his recently discovered logia-type Devil Fruit.

Aramaki’s fruit grants him the ability to command and cultivate any kind of plant, as well as change his physical shape into a massive tree monster. Fans can see him employing this power while fighting the samurai in the scans, which validated his abilities.

The scans showed that Yamato will actually injure the Admiral as soon as she enters the fight, proving that this huge might is not unbeatable. Even in his enormous new shape, the Marine could be knocked to the ground by her strength.

Yamato and the Scabbards will work together to combat Greenbul and stop him from approaching the city of flowers. Another item that was already mentioned in the leaked synopsis is that Yamato is seen yelling and furious at the Admiral.

She won’t allow Aramaki the pleasure of destroying the festival for the people of her nation because she wants them to have a peaceful and joyous celebration after years of oppression. Although none of the scans depict Momonosuke, it has been rumored that he will take part in this battle.

One piece chapter 1054 Leaked on Twitter

Shanks will appear in One Piece Chapter 1054, according to the scans for that chapter. On his ship, which is visible off the coast of the Land of Wano, Shanks is seen pacing the deck while his Jolly Roger waves in the air.

He can also be seen reading a newspaper that is displayed with a picture of Luffy. This new wanted poster shows the Straw Hat captain in his Gear Five form, as was seen in the last chapter. While reading it, Shanks beams with pride at all that Luffy has accomplished in the past several years.

One piece chapter 1054 Explained

Another scan shows his staff eating and conversing about noteworthy information. The synopsis above confirms that Yasopp feels troubled by the thought of seeing Usopp once more.

In his last scan, Shanks has seen drinking sake with Benn Beckman while appearing solemn and reflective. We don’t sure what Shanks meant when he said he wanted to join the battle for One Piece, but it was revealed yesterday. After Shanks’ statements, Benn does not appear to be too happy, but the scans do not show anything else.

Last but not least, even though we are still unsure of what Shanks meant when he said he would join the battle for One Piece, we can only hope that it means he will be on Luffy’s side. Overall, the One Piece Chapter 1054 images show that readers will undoubtedly appreciate this latest entry in the manga series.

And exactly like Oda stated, let’s get ready for the start of this wonderful and exciting final saga in One Piece Chapter 1054.

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