One Punch Man New Chapter 168 and 169 Leaked on Reddit and Twitter, (update 213) >

WATCH: One Punch Man New Chapter 168 and 169 Leaked on Reddit and Twitter, (update 213) The plot of One Punch Man is at a critical point, and there have been several developments during the last several chapters. The pace has been superbly maintained by Yusuke Murata, and the fans have been ecstatic about each new chapter that has been released thus far. As anticipated, the forthcoming chapter 168 will concentrate on the conflict between Garou and Saitama. Follow more updates on

One Punch Man New Chapter 168 and 169 Leaked

Release dates for One Punch Man are tough to forecast because the series doesn’t actually have a release calendar. Fans can anticipate the release of the next chapter the following week, though, as the community appears to have recognised a pattern with the release dates. Once every two weeks, the chapters are normally issued on Thursdays. What is known about One Punch Man Chapter 168 is shown below. One Punch Man 167 Spoiler Reddit & Facebook, Manga, Raw Scans, Leaks, Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 168 release Date

Fans can anticipate the release of the following chapter on July 21, 2022, in accordance with the fanbase’s trend observations. Thursdays are when some of the earlier chapters were released, two weeks after the earlier chapters had been released. That day falls on a Thursday. The release date could change because the series doesn’t adhere to a release schedule.

By following Yusuke Murata on Twitter, readers may keep up with updates as he tweets about the number of pages he has finished as well as the publishing dates for some of the earlier chapters. To read the most recent chapters, fans can keep an eye on the series’ subreddit.

One Punch Man Chapter 168 Spoiler Reddit

Saitama and Garou performed the Serious Punch to open this chapter. The world would have suffered tremendous damage from the shockwave created by the clash of two Serious Punches, so Blast and his allies had to step in. They were both sent to one of Jupiter’s moons, where Saitama and Garou made the decision to resume their conflict. Garou charged the Caped Baldy, mixing nuclear fission with a variety of martial techniques. Saitama was unmoved in spite of his efforts, and he determined that he only needed one hand to defeat him.

One Punch Man Chapter 168 Leaked On Twitter

Saitama easily grabbed the hyperspace gate and fought Garou as well when he attempted to use a portal. This greatly astounded him because Saitama not only managed to steal a hyperspace gate, but he also outran Garou in the battle. The entire fanbase was pumped after what Saitama did later. The moon they were on appeared to have been completely destroyed when he utilised his Serious Series: Serious Table Flip. After that, Saitama used his Serious Series: Omni-directional Serious Punch, which Garou mistook for afterimages.

Saitama was already within the portal when Garou attempted to use it to flee, and he punched Garou from below. While the Hero Hunter made every effort to avoid Saitama’s blows, the Caped Baldy completely outweighed him. Then Garou understood that Saitama has insurmountable strength and that he must imitate his techniques until Saitama gives up.

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