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Online Doctor Warns On The Danger Of Not Washing Bedsheets And Pillows Atleast Once A Week



One of the most popular Doctors on Twitter has given a stern warning on the danger of not washing bedsheets, and pillows. The online doctor known on Twitter as Aproko Doctor is one of the most respected doctor who cares more about people’s life.

This is not his first time giving health precautions and advices, this time, he warns on the danger of sleeping on dirty bedsheets. He stated in his tweets;

“You’ll come back home to use the same bedsheets you’ve been using for the past two weeks.

Tomorrow, you’ll wake up and wonder why your skin is not fresh. It can’t be, because you’re sleeping on bedsheets that has more germs as a toilet seat”

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He continued “But it’s not germs you should be worried about, everytime you sleep on your bed, you shed off skin cells, millions of them every night.

There are certain insects known as dust mites, so small you can’t see them without a microscope. That feed on those dead skin cells”

He furthered his explanations “The more you leave your bed sheets unwashed, the more these mites multiply, they can trigger asthma attacks or give you a runny nose, or even cause eczema flares in some people.

If you always wake up with a runny nose, you might want to change your bed sheet”

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He continued with his enlightenment “You see that stuff that grows on old bread? That is called fungi, they are a lot on unwashed pillows and bedsheets. When you sweat, your sheets pick up moisture and fungi love moisture. Wash your pillow cases. Bacteria like Staphylococcus love unwashed sheets. Wash them.

He concluded “How often should you wash them:

Once a week at the max, especially if you live in an area with poor ventilation where you sweat a lot. Wash your pillows too, not just the covers. Do that every six months or so. Use a cover on your bed to stop it from picking moisture directly”

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However, after researching, I found out dust mites stated by this online doctor (Aproko Doctor) don’t leave bites on skin, but they truly causes skin rashes, and some allergy symptoms such as sneezing. Dust mites are not like bedbugs that leaves visible bites on the skin, do not be confused.

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