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Opinion : 5 Reasons Why Manchester United Might Not Win The Europa League Competition This Season.



Manchester United have successfully reached the quarterfinals of the Europa League competition, and it is now time to meet the big guns in the tournament.

They have a quarterfinals clash with Copenhagen football club and that is where the true test starts from.

Even if Manchester United magically get past Copenhagen, below are the reasons why they.might not win the tournament.


Manchester United can defeat Copenhagen football club but even if they do, do they have what it takes to meet and defeat the other teams? Manchester United do not have the man power to stop a club like Inter Milan football club.

Players like Maguire, Lindelof, Shaw, and Aaron do not have what it takes to stop a player like Lautaro Martinez.

They can not also stop a player like Romelu Lukaku who is their former player and know how to handle them.

Neither do they have what it takes to stop a player like Alexis Sanchez who is also their former player.

So, they might not be able to pass this club.

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Inter Milan may not be able to get past Bayern Leverkusen and if they are not, Manchester United will have them to contend with. Do Manchester United also have hat it takes to defeat them? That is highly unlikely.

Players like Harry, Aaron, Willians, Shaw, Mensah, Eric and others cannot stop Bayern Leverkusen players.

Bayern Leverkusen players like Kai Havertz may seem unstoppable for Manchester United mediocre defenders.

These Leverkusen players are currently in Red hot form and they are Bundesliga players, there is no telling the kind of damage they can mount on Manchester United.

That is also another Reason why Manchester united might not win the competition.


Another reason is this, even if they were able to conquer either Inter Milan or Bayern Leverkusen, will they be able to defeat Sevilla football club? Highly unlikely.

Do Manchester United have the players that can stop a Sevilla team who seems to own the cup. They won it 3 times in a row. They seem to play their best football in the competition.

Can Manchester United stop players like Lucas Ocampos?

Luuk De Jong.

Ever Banega.

Gabriel Jesus.





Can they stop these players? No, they most likely can not. This is another reason why Manchester United might not win the tournament.

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Also, if Wolverhampton football club are able to defeat Sevilla, can Manchester united also stop them? We all know the kind of football they have played so far this season. We also know how they have struggled to play European football come next season and lifting this trophy is the only way they can do that.

So, Wolverhampton Wanderers will play everything they can to win the tournament, including winning anyone on their way.

Do Manchester United have the defenders that can stop a player like Adama Traore? I do not think they do.

Neither do they have the defenders that can stop the free scoring Raul Jimenez.

Diogo Jota will likely wriggle his way past any Manchester United defender and score his solo goals.

Midfield maestro like Ruben Nevez may also be a mouthful for the United defenders.

Ultimately, is there a midfielder in the ranks of Manchester United that can compete with Joao Moutinho? I dont think there is.

This is also another reason why Manchester United might not bee able to win the trophy.

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Here comes the final reason. Even if they (Manchester United) are able to win these teams, what is now their fate against Basel football club?

The last 2 times that Manchester United has met with this club in European competition, you know what has happended.

So Basel will be a very hard but for Manchester United to crack even if they are to magically defeat others.

Manchester United even suffered in their hands when they had world star players, talk more of now.

Do you think i am wrong? What is your own opinion? Please let me know through the comment section. You can also like and share this article for more opinions from other football lovers. Do not forget go follow me for more, thank you.

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