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Opinion] Sergio Reguilon: Since De Gea’s Failed Move to Madrid, The United-Madrid Drama Continues?



As Manchester United seek to make headway in their transfer business ahead of the new season, reports indicate a prospective move for Real Madrid left-back Sergio Reguilon is being stalled by a desire by Madrid to insert a buy-back clause in the deal, a move United reportedly have no interest in.

But in general, recent relations between the sides, particularly in the transfer window, have been quite sour.

They’ve had a number of successful transfers between them in the past, but could the last two transfer fiascoes between Real Madrid and United be standing in the way of proper relations between the sides presently?

Let’s look at those two.

1.     David de Gea to Real Madrid

In 2015, following one of the finest runs of form from David de Gea in goal for Manchester United, Real Madrid came soliciting for his services.

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Negotiations for his transfer progressed steadily, and were all but announced complete; he should have been a Madrid player, but for some paperwork that allegedly did not get to the Spanish La Liga from Real Madrid concerning De Gea’s transfer, before the La Liga transfer deadline elapsed.

The deal was at the time reportedly supposed to involve the transfer of former Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas, plus €20 million.

But the failure by Madrid to send in the paperwork to the Spanish football authorities on time meant the deal eventually fell through.

2.     Alvaro Morata to Manchester United

Having moved from Real Madrid to Juventus in 2014, and then back to Madrid from Juventus in 2016, the Spaniard had an impressive second spell at the Bernabeu despite be ing used sparingly for a majority of the season, scoring 20 goals despite starting only 14 times.

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Prior to the 2017/18 season, United, then in the market for a striker to replace Zlatan Ibrahimović, were locked in transfer negotiations with Real Madrid for Morata.

The sides eventually failed to agree a deal for the Spaniard, and United instead turned their attention to former Everton forward Romelu Lukaku, eventually bringing in the Belgian for €75 million.

Such has been the state of transfer relations between the sides, ever since the failed move of De Gea.

But it shouldn’t be this way.

It’s not exactly like the sides haven’t had any successful transfer business between them in the past.

The previous sales of Ruud van Nistelrooy, David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid, as well the move of Angel di Maria to Old Trafford, all speak for themselves.

But perhaps United and Real Madrid still find themselves unable to move on from the failed transfers of De Gea and Morata.

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However, they’ve got to find a way back from all that now.

The buy-back clause that reportedly seems to be standing in the way of a deal between the sides for Sergio Reguilon, despite their current friction, isn’t necessary; Real Madrid could easily find a replacement for Marcelo should the need arise.

The transfer friction between United and Madrid need not continue, even if they couldn’t get what they both wanted out of the failed De Gea and Morata deals.

Thanks for reading.

What is your view on the continued friction between Real Madrid and Manchester United?

Is that alleged buy-back clause from Real Madrid for Sergio Reguilon really necessary?

Are there other reasons why the sides do not have the best of relations in the transfer window?

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