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WATCH: Ottawa Tornado Video & Photos Goes Viral On Social Media: Saturday has not proven to be a healthy day for the National Capital of Canada as Ottawa was hit by a strong storm that caused major damage throughout the city. People of Ottawa are wondering if they should plant trees again in their yard or not as a number of trees fell down due to strong wind and thunder on Saturday. Citizens of Ottawa suffered a significant loss on Saturday some suffered vehicle damage while some suffered home damage. However, the Ottawa tornado video is circling on social media and creating a buzz. People have been frightened after seeing the collateral damage due to the storm. You are advised to read down the article till the end to fetch information about Ottawa Tornado Video. So swipe below the screen and take a peek at the further given paragraph of this writing. Follow More Update On

Ottawa Tornado Video & Photos

It has not been completed four years since the severe weather was reported and tornadoes ripped some communities such as Merivale and Knoxdale ward. Keith Egli said we have not come over the September 2018 tornadoes completely as of yet and now we have been hit once again. He also said that we are making strategies to replenish the trees and plants that have fallen on the roads and houses. People who suffered damage due to this tornado are nervous. Kindly read the further section to learn what Environment and Climate Change Canada said about it.

Ottawa Tornado Video & Photos Viral On Twitter

Senior Climatologist named David Phillips said that Saturday’s weather was quite distinctive from a storm system that breeds tornadoes. David works at Environment and Climate Change Canada. He further added that Saturday’s weather was with downburst wind which was traveling in a straight line with very high energy, unlike a tornado. The civilians of Ottawa have been perplexed to get their roofs checked while many have vowed never to plant a tree near their house.

Egli also said that two giant trees fell in his street due to which street was not passable. Egli is a member of the public health board and he also said that he was in continuous touch with the officials of Ottawa Public Health regarding the post-thunder response. According to the reports, due to heavy winds and thunder in Ottawa, three people handed their lives in Renfrew and Gatineau regions. The destruction is yet to be calculated. Stay tuned to this website.

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