Paras Official Attack Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Twitter, and, Reddit

WATCH: Paras Official Attack Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Twitter, and, Reddit: Famous Youtuber Paras who is well known for posting BGMI videos on his Youtube channel is in the headlines nowadays. Is he in the headlines because of his videos? No, he is not in the headlines for positives but he has become part of an incident that happened to him recently. According to the reports, the Youtuber has been assaulted by a few men for raising his voice about using illegitimate ways to become a popular social media creator. We have covered this story from all directions and given every important information regarding this incident so keep reading this article and go down till the end. Follow More Update On

Paras Official Attack Video

In the past few years, we have seen numerous social media content creators have risen to prominence by creating gaming videos and streaming live their gaming seasons. However, Paras is also one of those creators. He becomes a popular content creator by making attractive videos for the BGMI community. There is no doubt BGMI has an immense fan following in India and Paras knows how to take advantage of this factor. Now his name comes on the list of popular gaming content creators. A few days back his youtube channel just crossed the mark of 800,000 subscribers. But now he has eventually become a part of the controversy. Learn what happened to him in the following sections of this article.

Who Is Paras Official?

Paras believes in an organic way to earn popularity on social media which is why he raised the volume of his voice and put his opinion against the illegitimate way to earn a popularity rating in the BGMI community. There is a procedure to gain popularity in BGMI and its own ranking management where players gained ratings by getting gift cards from other players but according to the aforementioned Youtuber, many players were trying to gain popularity with carding system in which players get gifts on a large number which is considered an illegal method.

After voicing against carding system many users have backlashed him including a famous player called “Daku”. Eventually, this matter turned into violence. As per the report, Paras was beaten up by 7 or 8 men. All men entered his house and thrashed Paras with iron rods and other dangerous objects. The assaulted Youtuber claimed that among the 7 or 8 men Daku was one of the perpetrators. However, the accused shrugged off all the allegations levied by Paran on him. Stay tuned to this page.

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