Parents TV Personality Sophie Habboo Family And Relation With Frankie Gaff Details

This article details Habboo’s parents and her relationship with Frankie Gaff.

Who are Sophie Hab’s parents?

On October 19, 1993, Sophie’s parents, Patrick Harb and Sarah Wigley welcomed her into the world. However, her parents are no longer married.

Sophie Habboo’s mother, Sarah Wigley, was 57 when she was born in July 1965. She had Sophie when she was 28.

Sarah represents the Protocol Health and Wellbeing cosmetic, skincare, and nutritional brands. The brand sells high-end products to “keep you beautiful from the inside out” and operates nutrition, skincare, and cosmetics.

Also, Sophie’s mother is the CEO of a property management company. Sarah regularly uploads photos to her Instagram account, which has 217 posts and 1,327 followers, documenting her personal and professional life.

Sophie’s father, Patrique Habboo, 61, was born in September 1961. He also has an Instagram account with 123 followers. Regarding Patrick’s work, he is a company director of two London-based companies.

Made in Chelsea star Sophie Hab, more commonly known as Habs, showed the show to her parents. Sam Thompson was scheduled to have dinner with Habs’ parents in the ninth episode of season 16, but Habs’ father, Patrick, was unable to attend.

“My dad really can’t do it; he’s just too busy,” Sophie added. Afterward, Sam continued to talk to Harbs’ mother, Sarah.

Details on the TV personality’s family and relationship with Frankie Gaff

As already revealed, Patrick and Sarah are Sophie’s parents. Her older sister Georgia is very similar to her. Born April 23, she manages the makeup artist’s Instagram page. Her personal Instagram account also has 121,000 followers.

Jamie Laing, a 33-year-old TV personality who also appeared in Made in Chelsea, is engaged to Sophie Habbo. Jamie once dated Frankie Gaff, another actor on the show.

Between 2016 and 2018, Frank participated in the Chelsea Made for five seasons. She and Lane dated for a while before their lengthy split, with both accusing them of infidelity.

Given that Harb is currently engaged to Frankie’s ex-boyfriend, many fans have questioned whether Sophie and Frankie are still friends after their split. The ladies didn’t discuss it, but after their split in late 2017, Frankie never returned to the show.

Sophie confirmed her engagement to Jamie on Instagram on December 18, 2021. Taboo posted: “We’re married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to spend my days with you,” even though you tagged Laing in the post.

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