‘Partner Alert’ Heidi Berger Age Gap Of 8 Years With Daniel Ricciardo, The Couple Are IG Official

There is an eight-year age gap between American model Heidi Berger and Italian-born Australian racing driver Daniel Ricciardo.

Daniel Ricciardo, who recently turned 33, is 33 and Heidi Berger is 25.

Ricardo almost never uploads pictures of his girlfriend and has never revealed anything about his personal life online.

However, Australian McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo has denied claims he is dating Heidi Berger after posting pictures of the pair on holiday to his Instagram.

There has been speculation that Daniel met Gerhard Berger’s daughter, an aspiring actress and former Formula 1 driver, last year.

One of the most successful racers in the sport is Italian Daniel Ricciardo. Ricciardo made his Formula 1 debut with Team HRT at the 2011 British Grand Prix. His team is McLaren.

Heidi Berger is the daughter of a former F1 driver

Heidi Berger and Daniel Ricciardo are 8 years apart

Heidi Berger’s boyfriend, Daniel Ricciardo, is eight years older than him. Daniel was born in 1989 and Heidi was born in 1997.

Heidi and Daniel’s relationship has been the subject of numerous rumors in the past, none of which have been confirmed to be true.

Ricciardo is an international face of Australian motorsport, but little is known about his romantic life.

The McLaren driver recently opened up about their romance by sharing several photos of the pair on Instagram.

Ricardo keeps his private life secret, so he has never spoken publicly about his relationship with Heidi. However, he posted some pictures of his romantic trip with his partner on his Instagram account.

Before their divorce in 2016, Ricardo was dating his high school sweetheart Gemma Boskovic.

The F1 driver has also been linked with Perth-born model Jessica Gomes in the past, but neither side has publicly acknowledged their union.

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Heidi Berger

Who is Heidi Berger?

The daughter of 10-time Grand Prix winner Gerhard Berger and Portuguese model Ana Corvo, Hiedi Berger is a young aspiring actress.

After completing his degree in 2014, Berger moved to London to study theatre for a year before landing several Portuguese-speaking roles.

After being selected for the role, she started her career as Leonor in 2016 and has since worked on other trusted Portuguese TV projects.

Later, in 2020, she moved to New York for an overseas career. She is now a student at New York University.

Official Instagram photo of Berg and Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo and Hiedi Berger open up about their relationship.

Photos of Daniel and Heidi hiking in California were uploaded by Daniel. He also uploaded a video of the hike to his Instagram page.

They appeared together in a video from a helicopter last June. Daniel Ricciardo and Heidi Berger have allegedly been dating since 2019, according to sources.

Although his current contract is limited until the end of 2023, Ricciardo has the option of switching teams, which could be financially beneficial.

Daniel Ricciardo Net Worth 2022

According to Racingnews365, Daniel Ricciardo has a net worth of $50 million.

With a $15 million annual salary from McLaren, he is tied for fourth highest-paid driver on the track.

Ricardo is ranked 48th in Forbes’ 2020 ranking of the world’s highest-paid athletes. In addition to the $2 million from endorsements, his salary at Renault is about $27 million.

Since 2014, Ricciardo has been known for his amazing overtaking, pushing his opponents into corners by cutting inside.

Daniel Ricardo is 8 years older than Heidi Berger

Her lover, Daniel Ricardo, is eight years older than her. Heidi was born in 1997 and Daniel was born in 1989.

Several rumors about Heidi and Daniel have been linked to them, but none of them have been proven accurate.

Despite being the face of international motorsports in Australia, no one knows about Ricciardo’s private life.

A recent Instagram post by the McLaren driver and Heidi revealed to the world that they were dating.

Due to his tendency to keep personal affairs private, Ricardo has never publicly discussed his relationship with Heidi. However, he boasted to everyone that he had a wonderful vacation with his fiancée, and shared pictures of it on Instagram.

Ricardo dated high school Gemma Boskovic before splitting in 2016.

The F1 driver has also been linked with Perth-born model Jessica Gomes in the past, but neither has publicly announced their relationship.

Official Instagram photo of Berg and Daniel Ricciardo

The public already knew about Daniel Ricciardo and Sidi Berger’s relationship.

Photos of Daniel and Heidi hiking in California were uploaded by Daniel. Additionally, he uploaded a video of himself hiking on his Instagram account.

In a video from June 2013, they can be seen riding in a helicopter together. According to sources, Heidi Berger and Daniel Ricciardo started dating in 2019.

While Ricciardo remains bound by his current contract until the end of 2023, he has the option to switch teams, which could be lucrative.

Heidi Berger is the daughter of a former F1 driver

Heidi Berger is the child of former Formula One driver Gerhard Berger and his wife Anna Berger. She is the couple’s youngest daughter, born in 1997.

Heidi’s sister, Sarah Berger, was a few years older than her. Sarah and Heidi are close friends. The Berger sisters’ upbringing is unknown, but given their father was a regular in the F1 sport, their childhoods must have been equally busy.

Father Heidi Berger Gerhard Berger

Heidi Berger and her sister Sara Berger must have been well educated as their father Gerhard Berger was an F1 driver. Heidi Berger’s Instagram is the source of the image.

Berger is currently a student at NYU but knows nothing about her previous education. We can assume that Heidi is taking acting classes to hone her abilities, since she’s already been in the movies.

Heidi Berger Net Worth and Profession

As mentioned earlier, Gerhard Berger’s daughter aspires to be an actress and has appeared in many TV shows. Therefore, Heidi Berger must have a lot of cash on hand. But it is likely that as her career progresses, so will her wealth in the years to come.

However, Heidi Berger’s father, Gerhard, was a Formula 1 driver and also held 50% of the Scuderia Toro Rosso team. His fortune soared as a result of selling his shares to Red Bull.

How much did Heidi earn as an actress

Despite her desire to become a Hollywood superstar, Berger has only started acting in 2016. She played Nônô in over 100 episodes of the Portuguese TV show Anica Mulher. In addition, she has contributed to the Austrian shows Trakehnerblut and Meiberger: Chasing Minds and the Portuguese show Três Mulheres.

Heidi Berger probably doesn’t get paid very much, since she only played a minor role in these episodes. However, there is no denying that this has increased her net income.

Then, in 2018, Heidi was cast as the lead role in Onde Está Elisa? Portuguese TV series. The main character, Elisa Menezes, was played by Berger, who no doubt earned a handsome salary for the role. The program was nominated and won several honors.

Because where is Elisa? By the end of 2020, Heidi had not worked on any new projects. Instead, she moved to New York and is currently attending NYU. In addition, she auditioned for Wynn Handman Studios, where Wynn Handman personally directed her dancing.

Gerhard Berger’s daughter appears to have delayed her Hollywood debut. Additionally, the aspiring actress has posed for several photographers, as you can see if you visit her Instagram. Currently, Berger is enjoying himself in the United States.

Now that Heidi Berger’s career is thriving, it is certain that her net worth will increase in the near future.

Let’s hope this talented actress appears in a Hollywood movie soon. Like Heidi, musician Bono’s daughter, Eve Hewson, also entered the film industry.

Is Heidi Berger dating anyone?

Gerhard Berger’s daughter is already well-known in Portuguese and Austrian television. Because of this, many people are curious about Heidi Berger’s romance and lover. Well, there isn’t much information about Heidi’s romantic life on her Instagram page. When Berger discusses her personal life, it’s usually in the context of her family and friends.

However, fans assert that Heidi’s connections to Formula 1 extend beyond her father. According to numerous websites, Australian-Italian Formula 1 drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Berger are dating.

Heidi Berger boyfriend Daniel Ricardo

Gerhard Berger’s daughter Heidi Berger is said to be meeting F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo. Instagram, Heidi Berger, as image source.

It’s a secret that Daniel and Heidi date. As a result, I didn’t expect to learn that Heidi Berger was Daniel Ricardo’s girlfriend. The couple are said to have been spotted together in Austria and New York City. Additionally, the putative couple is said to have attended Daniel’s 32nd birthday celebration together.

Additionally, Ricardo shared a post with his so-called partner Heidi during the summer of 2022. According to reports, the couple appeared to be having a good time in the post. When Daniel and Heidi posted their photos together, many fans went crazy and were eager to know what would happen to Daniel and Heidi. Many have interpreted his public display of dedication as an admission of what is already widely believed to be true. After this public confession, is all the chatter about their relationship finally over?

Even if the reports aren’t true, we’re hoping we’ll meet Heidi Berger’s boyfriend soon. Furthermore, we wish Gerhard Berger’s daughter every success in her professional and personal life.

Facts and Trivia

Heidi Berger has over 34,200 followers on Instagram.

Former Formula 1 drivers Paul Stewart and Heidi appear to be close.

Berger adopted dogs because of his love of animals.

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