Pastor John Gray is dead or still alive? Atlanta hospital for treatment

“It is the prayers of the righteous that help”, the wife of ruthless pastor John Gray said in her latest post on his health crisis.

Gray’s wife, Arvint Gray, posted on social media on Sunday that John Gray was hospitalized with a pulmonary saddle embolism and other blood clots in his lungs and was in intensive care.

Pastor John Gray is dead or still alive? Atlanta hospital for treatment image 175

Late Monday night, she posted on social media that one of his blood clots had disappeared.

John Gray has been transferred from Alabama to Atlanta for treatment, family spokeswoman Anne Torres said in a statement Tuesday night.

“This is my husband’s 7th day on a hospital ward since last Thursday, two different hospitals…from July 7th to 7…when the doctor said, ‘We’re sure you’re out of the hospital the way it hurts now Let’s get up! I’m going to demolish this infirmary!

“Let’s discuss this miracle… as brief as possible, but detailed details will follow because this… is unheard of! That kind of surgery, ‘too risky’, maybe… but “This surgery will cause this. “If we do, we probably do. “”We have to take that into account! “Then God spoke…and I said, “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted on earth!” Psalm 46:10. Sometimes that’s all we have. Suffering from Saddle Pulmonary Embolism Imminent threat of death Received orders from Doctor 1. We saw it with our eyes…it broke and caused a slight, and they bowed too, IJN, but the immediate dreaded “don’t move” is the most terrifying period of our lives.

“Doctors, several cardiologists, a blood specialist…the best, stunned…God alone! Today, we are stable and heading in the right direction. You heard him, but don’t be fooled by this How the SPE was set up trying to destroy, suffocate him. He was disengaged from all the extras because the time it took for these lumps to clear was sped up by months and the only thing they could trace back was prayer. They did Everything is not as good as we can see from the latest images right now.

“I’ve had enough! Just know I’ll never be the same! We’ll never be the same!! Thank you. Around the world, we have milestones, benchmarks, and major lifestyle changes, but most importantly, in his lungs With the breath of life and God, he will soon be safe and sound!”

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