Patrick Mouratoglou Daughters Charlotte and Juliette, Meet Tennis Coach’s Children

Patrick Mulatoglu is the father of Ralph Mulatoglu, Charlotte Mulatoglu and Juliet, also known by her father as “juju”.

French tennis coach Patrick Muratoglou was born on June 8, 1970 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. His father is the billionaire Paris Mouratoglou. By 2022, the French-Greek will be 52 years old. Patrick was born under the sign of Gemini.

Patrick Mouratoglou used to play tennis; however, since retiring, he has taken up a job as a tennis coach. He has been professionally engaged in sports since 1999. He is also known for his work as a sports broadcast analyst.

Patrick Moratoglu

Who are Patrick Mouratoglou’s children?

Patrick Mouratoglou was married when he made his name as a coach. Apart from the fact that they have three children – a son named Ralph and two daughters named Charlotte and “Juju,” whom her father affectionately calls her – details of his marriage to Clarice have never been made public Pass.

Rumour has it that he met Serena Williams in 2012, which led to his decision to end the relationship. Whatever the reason for their divorce, his ex-wife never let it affect the way he behaves with his children. As a proud father, Mouratoglou values ​​his relationship with his three children.

Fortunately, Ida Obiru made him fall in love with her again. The couple secretly married and had two beautiful daughters.

Mouratoglou recently traveled from New York City to attend his eldest daughter’s fourth birthday celebration. For better or worse, he’s grateful to have his wonderful wife by his side, and he always misses her presence when he’s on tour.

The marriage of Patrick Mouratoglou and Ada Mouratoglou

Ada Mouratoglou, the wife of the tennis coach, fell in love with him. She was the second woman he married.

Patrick Moratoglou remarried Ada after divorcing his first wife, Clarice Moratoglou, and they then became husband and wife. Since their wedding was a private event, they didn’t talk about their relationship.

Since they had their first child together in 2016, it’s safe to assume they’ve been dating for at least seven years. Their family of seven lives between Nice, France and New York.

Since then, there have been no more rumors of their marriage breaking down.

ex-wife of patrick moratoroglu

His first spouse was Clarisse Mouuratoglou, with whom he had previously been married. Details of their relationship prior to their marriage are unclear, but it ended in 2013.

Rumour has it that she is an interior designer who remains on the staff of the Muratoglu Tennis Academy even after her divorce from her ex-husband. She has contributed significantly to the ongoing operation of the company since its inception ten years ago.

Serena Williams dated her coach in 2013, according to famed tennis player Maria Sharapova, which she revealed to the media after a heated argument. This adds to the rumors. It didn’t help that the French coach and his wife’s divorce surfaced the same year, and she and her coach declined to comment on her allegations.

He has five children in total. The sports analyst is married to Ada and they have two daughters. He also has two daughters with his ex-wife Clarice.

Patrick Mouratoglou: Coaches and Controversies

Mouratoglou has spent his life discovering talent and developing new athletes. To achieve this, he founded the “Muratoglu Tennis Academy” in 1996 and trained Laura Robson, Marcos Baghdatis, Julia Vakurenko and Alavane Ray Zha and other tennis champions.

In 2012, veteran tennis player Serena Williams reached out to him for training and help after a rough time. The duo stunned the world with 19 consecutive victories, including medals at Wimbledon and the US Open. Serena set a record at the end of the year with a 36-1 record.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion and her coach undoubtedly have perfect on-court chemistry, but the teacher has been the subject of close scrutiny due to rumors. In 2013, Selena had a spat with retired Russian tennis player Sharapova. As a result, the latter insulted the former in a press conference, calling Muratoglu her “boyfriend”.

It’s hard to tell if this was a heated debate, as Selena refuses to admit or deny the claim. Things took a turn for the worse when it was learned that the coach’s wife filed for divorce that same year.When his former protégé Patrick Muratoglu got caught up in another controversy

Patrick Mouratoglou Net Worth 2022

French tennis coach Patrick Moratoglu is worth $5 million. According to the Ancestry website, Muratoglu has always enjoyed sports.

Since 1999 he has worked with Serena Williams, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, Marcos Baghdatis, Aravane Rezai, Yanina Wickmayer, Laura Robson and Marcos Baghdatis.

He also won 28 singles titles and 3 doubles titles during his coaching career. Serena Williams has won five Grand Slam titles in her career, including the Australian Open in 2015, the French Open in 2013, Wimbledon in 2012, three US Open titles and the 2012 Olympic gold medal.

Patrick and Ada Mouratoglou with their family  Patrick Mouratoglou Daughters Charlotte and Juliette, Meet Tennis Coach’s Children Patrick and Ada Mouratoglou with their family 300x300

Patrick and Ada Mouratoglou with their family

Patrick Mouratoglou Tennis New Coach Program

According to former Serena Williams coach Patrick Muratoglu, tennis needs to reinvent itself. He hopes his new league will attract young players and make tennis more fun.

Three of the top 10 players on the ATP Tour, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Matteo Berrettini and David Goffin, will take part in the five-week round-robin Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS) in France on Saturday. A total of seven contestants participated in the competition.

Unlike on the regular tour, players will not be punished for angry outbursts on the field, and spectators will be able to ask questions of players while watching live games online.

Patrick Moratoglu Bio

Patrick Jean André Mouratoglou is a French tennis coach and sports specialist of Greek origin. He was born on June 8, 1970. He is Serena Williams’ coach until 2022. Simona Halep has been under the direction of Mouratoglou since spring 2022.

coaching career

In 1996 he established the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy near Paris (later moved to the suburbs of Nice).He has coached many up-and-coming athletes, including Marcos Baghdatis (who led him to the 2006 Australian Open final), Julia Vakurenko, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova , Alavane Reza, Irena Pavlovic, Jeremy Chardy, Laura Robson, Yanina Wake

When Muratoglu welcomed ATP player Marcos Baghdatis to his tennis academy in October 1999, he started coaching him on a week-by-week basis. According to Muratoglu, Baghdatis was “not an athlete at all,” but within seven years he would rise to No. 1 in the junior world, win the men’s title at the 2003 Australian Open, advance to the 2006 tournament final, and Enter the top ten in the world.

He started training Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in July 2007. In less than two years, Pavlyuchenkova was in the top 30 in the world. Since then, she has advanced to the quarter-finals of the Grand Slam twice and peaked at No. 13 in the world. In August 2009, their relationship came to an end and Mouratoglou started working with Yanina Wickmayer and Aravane Reza. Reza had a terrific 2010, breaking into the top 20 and winning the Madrid Premier League, while Wickmeyer achieved a career-high world No. 12 in April 2010. Both Reza and Vickmeyer’s projects were abandoned by Muratoglu in August 2010 and April 2012, respectively.

In December 2010, Mouratoglou started working with Laura Robson, who is ranked 217th in the world and is struggling to make it to the Pro Tour. They worked together for six months before parting ways before Wimbledon in 2011, when Robson’s progress on the WTA Tour was still difficult and the world ranking fell further to No. 257. During this period, Jérémy Chardy was tutored by Mouratoglou at his academy.

Grigor Dimitrov had dropped to No. 102 when Mouratoglou started working with him, so he set out to help him get back into the top 100. In September of the same year, the partnership ended and Mouratoglou continued as mentor Serena Williams.

Williams recently lost the opening round of the 2012 French Open, her first loss in a major draw at a Grand Slam, when Muratoglu started working with her. Since then, Muratoglu has helped Serena win her fifth, sixth, and seventh Wimbledon titles, an Olympic gold medal, her fourth, fifth, and sixth U.S. Open titles, and her second and third U.S. Open titles. A three-time French Open champion, three consecutive year-end titles, her sixth and seventh Australian Open titles, and helped her return to the top of the WTA rankings.

Patrick Mouratoglou, his father Apostolos Tsitsipas and Stefanos Tsitsipas started coaching Stefanos Tsitsipas at his tennis academy in 2015.

Simona Halep started working out with Mouratoglou in the spring of 2022.

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