PAUL WEST and ANN JONES present inspiring new series AUSTRALIA’S FAVOURITE TREE tonight on ABC » Olite

Australian natural trees number over 7,000 different species; they are ancient, tremendously diverse, and endlessly intriguing.

Presenters Ann Jones and Paul West explore the ingenious and complex lives of some of our most iconic trees in this two-part Catalyst series by travelling across Australia to visit scientists and First Nations peoples.

However, this is not just any tree hunt! Ann and Paul are searching for candidates in each State and Territory with the goal of selecting one to be named “Australia’s Favorite Tree.”

Ann and Paul discover the role trees play in their environment, learn about their historical significance, and celebrate the incredible resilience of trees through climate change and deforestation.

These trees range from high up in the tree-top canopy of Tasmania’s Huon Pine, one of the oldest living organisms on Earth, to Strangler Figs with 40-meter girths that thrive in our North Queensland rainforests.

After hearing about eight extraordinary trees across Australia’s diverse and expansive terrain, a panel of knowledgeable judges will consider the information presented, and at the conclusion of the series, they will name… Favorite Tree in Australia

Production credit: Executive producer, Penny Palmer

World Premiere – Australia’s Favourite Tree – Series 1, Episode 1 of 2 airs Tuesday 16 August at 8.30pm on ABC and iview

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