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Pea River Bridge Safety Concerns | WDHN


ELBA ISLAND, Alabama (WDHN) — Earlier this year, the state handed over its contract for the roads and bridges it has built following the completion of the U.S. Route 84 project through Elba Island.

The Pea River Bridge ranks the Alabama Department of Transportation as one of the most deficient bridges.

Recently, the city of Elba approved an ordinance prohibiting the towing of trailer rigs over the old bridge that leads to the downtown square.

18-wheel tractor-trailer rigs weighing 13 tons or more no longer have to drive over the bridge to Elba’s downtown square
Mayor Tom Maddox said the Pea River Bridge on Highway 84 is on the state Department of Transportation’s poor list.

Crossing bridges with real heavy trucks is a problem. So we also put weight limits on some bridges to extend the life of those bridges. The Pea River Bridge is one of 127 bridges deemed to have structural defects, and the less traffic on the bridge, the longer they will last.

Mayor Tom Maddox

Engineers told Maddox that limiting truck weights to 13 tonnes would help ensure those bridges continue to be used into the city.


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