Pedro Panjon Found his children dead in different rooms and his wife hanging in the backyard

In Sonia Loja’s murder-suicide, husband Pedro Panjon collapsed after finding his wife and three children dead at home.

Sonia Loja, a 36-year-old mother from Connecticut, strangled her three children before killing herself. As Meaww has already reported, “The mother of three is Sonia Loja. All the children appear to have been strangled and the mother is believed to have hanged herself. Junior Panjon 12, Joselyn Panjon 10, Jonael Panjon 5. “The case seems to have changed a lot recently. Sonia is said to be heartbroken because the daycare center she runs is not on the radar of the authorities and she was frustrated when it had to close. Her husband, Pedro Panjon, had no idea how bad things were for her. He came home from getting off work to a house that was eerily quiet.

A letter to her husband, which appeared to be a suicide note, was discovered. It said: “Sorry, Pedro, but I have to go with my kids.” Sonia was clearly upset, but her family couldn’t pay for the treatment because it was too expensive. Pedro doesn’t see anything wrong with the way she’s behaving. His cousin said: “When Pedro came home from getting off work, his children always ran up to his car and yelled: ‘Dad! yeah! The girl named Joselyn said, “My dad’s back!” They helped him bring all his stuff in, like his lunch box and everything else. “His heart was broken when the kids didn’t come out.

He found a two-page suicide note in the kitchen. After reading the first line, he threw it away, not getting up to read it yet. He then ran to the bedroom and saw his 12-year-old son and 10-year-old daughter both dead. “He wished he could hear something, but it was too late,” the cousin said. He then ran to a neighbor for help but passed out when he saw his youngest child dead in another room. His wife was found in the backyard with a swing and toys that the daycare children had been using.

The state’s early childhood office gave Loja a ticket for her “illegal” daycare, which did her a lot of damage. “Her job was babysitting, but the city closed her business because it was illegal. She wasn’t working. Then she started crying because she felt so bad. She would say, ‘I need a job but She has three children and wants to work from home. She wants to stay and take care of her children and other children.

Loja received her first warning about her daycare on June 2, but she did nothing about it. Next time, she said she had something to do with the kids. She received a ‘to stop’ letter on June 29, 2022, and has had no children since. The family member also said she was “under a lot of stress”. But the mother killed her three children and herself within two days after they assured her during a fun visit that weekend.

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