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Peter Obi Spotted In Lagos Boarding A Commercial Flight To Edo (Photos)

POI The Way To Go

This is the Peter Obi we are talking about, former Governor of Anambara state and one of yhe richest politician in Igbo Land boarding Air peace on his route from Lagos to Edo State as he continues nationwide presidential consultation tour.

When he said yesterday that he is going to be a president who will change Nigeria from.the present consumption country to a production country many who really don’t understand him thinks is a mere political statement but Peter Obi over the years have been a man whose words reflects in his actions on daily basis.

A presidential aspirant so rich enough that he can afford the most comfort private jet in the country and even employ 100s of aides but look at him so simple and loyal to the system that ordinary Nigerians are enjoying. Carrying his own bag and maintaining the que just like everyone boarding the air craft. Baba nah full bloody Nigerian who understands and associates with the system. All he is asking for is for an opportunity to change the system for the good of all irrespective of all.

POI The president we need�

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