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Peter Strzok Still Married To Melissa Hodgman? Update


He asserts that, contrary to popular belief, the FBI conducts raids and carries out its mission. On August 10, 2018, the FBI fired Strzok.

Despite all the political intrigue surrounding him, Strzok is known for his love and personal life. Internet users are drawn to the backstories and relationship stories of former FBI agents because they love drama.

What is Peter Strzok doing now? Discord with Donald Trump

Peter Strzok published a book titled Compromise: Counterintelligence and the Donald J. Trump Threat, published on August 10, 2018, after 20 years as federal Deputy Assistant Director of the Bureau of Investigation’s Counterintelligence Division.

After its September 2020 release, the book quickly reached number one on the New York Times and Washington Post bestseller lists.

After the book was published, Strzok was interviewed by NBC News. He confirmed a recent New York Times report that the FBI had begun a thorough criminal investigation of Trump after James Comey was ousted as FBI director in May 2017 over his “financial entanglements” with Russia. investigation.

Interestingly, Strzok constantly manages to debate Donald Trump on Twitter or in a political setting. Strzok responded to Donald Trump’s tweet yesterday that he appeared unhappy with the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

On August 6, 2019, Strzok sued the Justice Department and the FBI for unfair dismissal in federal court, seeking reinstatement and severance pay after the Justice Department fired him.

Peter Strzok is still married to wife Melissa Hodgman in 2022, having affair with girlfriend Lisa Page

Although Lisa Page’s relationship with him was made public in 2017, Peter Strzok is still married to Melissa Hodgman. He claims his wife said: ‘You should get a divorce, not get fired’ in opposition to the FBI punishing him for being anti-FBI-Trump texting.

Strzok’s wife appears to have discovered his connection to Page through a cell phone in 2017, according to documents released by the Justice Department in November. In 1994, Peter Paul Strzok, then 24, married Melissa Hodgman. key wedding. They both attended Georgetown University, where they first met and fell in love.

Melissa Hodgman, a Pennsylvania native who serves as Assistant Director of the SEC Enforcement Division in Washington, is believed to have a net worth of $1 million and an annual income of approximately $250,775.

Where is Peter Strzok now?

Peter Strzok lives with his wife Melissa and their three children in a luxurious mansion in Fairfax, Virginia.

He has traveled to many places and lived there most of the time. Strzok is a U.S. citizen, born in Michigan, and has lived in Burkina Faso, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.

Strzok oversaw a high-profile investigation into an illicit private email server used by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia that betrayed his leadership of the FBI, according to the U.S. Justice Department people’s confidence.

Donald Trump has been unsuccessfully trying since March to find Lisa Page and Peter Strzok in order to provide them with a 108-page complaint.


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