Philly’s Made in America Fest Soars With Bad Bunny, Tyler, the Creator


Jay-Z took to social media last Thursday for being dubbed a “capitalist” for his diverse business ventures and wild trust successes – after he once famously said “I’m not a businessman” . I am a businessman. But looking at the fruits of Hova’s labor at his Made in America festival, if it’s wrong to make money and gather crowds for stellar hip-hop and chart-topping Latin art, then who needs to be right?

The annual Labor Day weekend, a two-day event in the Philadelphia Museum of Art District, in partnership with Live Nation, finds new ways to reinvent, relativity, and paying customers in the name of capitalism, especially on Sundays With the in-depth participation of international artists. Bad Bunny’s second night of headliners was the main attraction, but Burna Boy, Chimbala, Snoh ​​Aalegra Fuerza Regida also took a big step toward globalizing Made in America this year.

Here’s a breakdown of the events that made Made in America shine on September 34:

worst bunny
Bad Bunny just wrapped up his multi-month chart-topping album “Un Verano Sin Ti,” last weekend’s VMA Entertainer of the Year victory, two sold-out nights at Yankee Stadium and a same-sex kiss. To say that the second day of “Made in America” ​​was packed with people dedicated to listening to the heroic headliner wouldn’t be enough to speak of his high level, creative artistry or Spanish-speaking, Puerto Rican flag-waving The enthusiasm of the crowd. he.

Sitting on a lawn chair in an all-red suit of shorts, tank top, and sunglasses, Bad Rabbit sips a cocktail while surveying the crowd, as if expanding it considering the rich tapestry of multi-ethnic performers that forever changed MIA on this day The range and welcome new flavors and crowd-oriented.

“Made in America, Latinos made in America,” Bad Bunny told the MIA crowd. “It’s important that we keep that in mind.”

Starting with the rich reggae vibe of the “Moscow Mule” on stage, Bad Bunny’s set blooms as he bounces on his heels, welcoming a group of dancers and a rumbling soundtrack that includes squelch electronics that make Depeche Mode green Le Envy, heavenly house music, and traditional Latin music with a syncopated piano. From the jumping pulses of “Un Coco” and “Party” to the delicious “Yo Perreo Sola” — all rap sung in his sweet mellow baritone — Bad Bunny has proven himself to be a multi-genre, multi-ethnic The musician, whoever saw him – brown, black and white, a country in a groove.

Eternal and Creator
Even if Philadelphia isn’t their hometown, Lil Uzi Vert’s lineup will be victorious. Wearing a kingfisher mohawk, giant red sunglasses and a deadpan yet soulful melody, Uzi ran through a set of energetic, pyrotechnic spaced emo bangers and played happily AutoTune Heavy space ballad. “I hope you’re all ready to throw a tantrum because I’m ready to lose my mind,” Uzi announced before entering “Rockstar (Party with Demons)” and “All My Friends Are Dead.” With Uzi’s scene ahead of the increasingly smart Tyler, the Creator speaks volumes about both the icon and MIA/Live Nation’s trust in invention and overall weirdness. Because thankfully, despite winning Grammys (his fifth album, “Igor,” for best rap album) and mainstream acclaim, Tyler is still pretty weird. From his signature Ushanka hat, walking stick and verdant mountain stage, to his screams, murmurs and murmurs on new tracks like the push-up “Corso” to the haunting mood “Come On, Let’s” Go”, you can hear and feel a new universality of discovery. Considering the older Tyler tracks played at MIA, such as the aggressively moody “IFHY” and several other eccentric pieces, the openness is littered with noise, overly dense rhythms, and bewilderingly complex rhythm schemes.

One of the things Taylor whispered in the middle of his headline was, “This is the last show of this era. Let’s do something special.” However, it was explained that the creator Taylor certainly managed to make the strange and unique bring something to the stage while reaching fans old and new.

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 3: Creator Tyler performs on stage during the 2022 Made In America at Benjamin Franklin Parkway on September 3, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

Getty Images for Roc Nation

Who is he?
MIA Day One begins with a funny quote: “You may not know me, but you know my music.” That’s RocNation-signed singer-songwriter Dixson, the artist’s Oscar-nominated “Alive” with Beyoncé. , Justin Bieber’s “Holy” and his collaboration with Chance the Rapper. Yes, he has an album, “Darling” in 2021, and yes, hearing his smooth, raw, acoustic guitar-filled music at MIA and his sexy new single “Cherry Sorbet” might make you think Re-Listen to “Honey” with fresh ears.

Glow with GloRilla
One of the writer’s picks for 2022 (Cardi B and Travis Scott also love her) is Memphis-based GloRilla, a rapper with Hitkidd, “FNF (Let’s Go)” is still summer The hottest national anthem. On site, GloRilla did not disappoint. Glo & Co., along with her matching cheerleader dress-up dancer, twisted, shook her middle finger, and tumbled through a sweet, hard, 808-pound dance track that included her summer anthem, her rough ride Line “Tomorrow” and her TikTok track (shout out to Jay-Z) “99 Questions.” good stuff.

Toro y Moi Plugins and Programs
It’s been written over and over again how MIA started out as a mixed bag bill again, which included alternating rock giants and EDM artists alongside R&B and hip-hop acts. Not so much anymore, which is why the emergence of indie electronic artist Toro Y Moi and its synth leader Chaz Bear was crucial. Sounding like Tame Impala, Chaz, his fellow programmers, and guitarists make the funnest atmospheric psychedelic disco.

JID forever story starts here
Atlanta rapper JID’s new album, “The Forever Story,” is dynamic, eerie, and catchy, with a deep, shaky voice, but it’s sleepy thanks to its late-August release. Wake up, everyone. The album is bold, and as a live performer, JID is flashy, smart rap, quirky fun—a welcome tonic for some of the mediocre rappers on the MIA list. And he’s dramatic. Beginning with his cut with the Columbia Studios Torchbearer, JID controls his cinematic sound, his bassline and his signature stuttering flow at breakneck speed.

No one can question rappers Pusha T and Kodak Black’s witty lyricism, strong rhythmic interactions, and batting prowess. In fact, Pusha T, who plays Made in America regularly (2022 is his fourth appearance), is an honorary Philly. Still, aside from the bragging, cut articulations and deeply programmed beats to guide their way, the duo’s duo pales in comparison to the energy, invention and overdrive of the two rappers who followed them on day one of MIA – Lil Uzi Vert and Tyler, creators.

Don’s life
Playing on the brink of success since his Houston, Texas mixtape days in 2018, R&B-centric, single-heavy rapper Don Toliver has been waiting for his moment to shine, not with Travis Scott collaboration (“Can’t Say”). His stunningly long episode on Day Two of “Made in America” ​​could have been Tolliver’s breakthrough moment. From prancing through oversized stages full of mushrooms, to shockingly rich harmony tracks like “After Party” — not to mention a wide variety of slow songs, fast ravers and everything in between — — Toliver is impressive and continues to perform live on Sundays.

Philly’s Made in America Fest Soars With Bad Bunny, Tyler, the Creator 1420864341 1

PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 4: Burna Boy performs on stage during the 2022 Made In America at Benjamin Franklin Parkway on September 4, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

Getty Images for Roc Nation

MIA enters international waters
Made in America’s second, more crowded day — an estimated 50,000-plus people, 15,000 more than the first — benefited from its inclusion of different races and music genres at the top of the game, and hopefully in the future this (and other American holidays) where it should go. Of course, Nigerian pop superstar Burna Boy tops the charts with his smooth, salty voice, raucous percussion and undiminished big ensemble. But from Sunday afternoon until late at night, Dominican rapper Chimbala, enigmatic Colombian singer Ryan Castro, sultry Persian-Swedish songstress Snow Allegra and 14-pack, two plus-sized, in pink jackets , the Mexican-American corridor ensemble ruled by Fuerza Regida. In fact, there are few things more fun at MIA than listening to Fuerza Regida in Spanish Flowers with frontman Jesus Ortiz Paz as frontman. Bold stuff, this.

Philly’s Made in America Fest Soars With Bad Bunny, Tyler, the Creator 1420833241 1

PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 4: Ryan Castro takes the stage during the 2022 Made in America at Benjamin Franklin Parkway on September 4, 2022 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Roc Nation)

Getty Images

Every year, Made in America goesssips about possible guest performances live and on social media. The festival’s CEO and Beyonce always top the list, especially since September 4th is her birthday. The power couple usually strolls through the crowd, while Bey gets a birthday song from the crowd. Not this year. Another regular MIA guest, Philadelphia’s Meek Mill, is rumored to be playing with local Lil Uzi Vert to prove there’s no bad blood between him and Hova after Meek split with Jay’s RocNation management a few months ago relation. Did not happen. Mick threw a Sunday party in Vegas and was notified a day earlier on social media of his arrival. The funniest rumour, however, is that Kanye West — who was MIA’s headliner — was on set, hanging out backstage with Uzi Vert, and preparing for a Sunday service gospel dance sermon the next day. Do not.

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