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Photos: See How gay couples get pregnant



Years ago, gay is tagged an atrocious act in any life of an individual, but today it’s valid and illegal in some part of the world, people now happily jump into it, and are joyful about that part of life. In this article, we will be discussing how gay couples manage to get pregnant.

Whether gay or lesbian couples, there are many methods one can get pregnant, but some gay couples in several interview has identified IVF as the best means of getting a child of their own. In this condition they need a donor (a sp**m or egg from female ovary) to provide the necessary requirements.

But do you wonder how their belly get to protrude out, maybe the meet a doctor to inject them with some kind of drugs to pull their belly out, because their is no way a man can get pregnant and deliver a baby.

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What is an IVF

IvF or in vitro fertilization is a technique used to help women or possibly gay couples get pregnant. It is when a human egg is fertilized with sp**m in a laboratory. IVF is also used to treat infertility and some genetic problems.

Remember the second pregnant man, Scott Moore and Thomas are happily married with adorable kids also, do you even think Scott get to deliver himself, if possible then he might be a transgender or something else. Below are some of his photos with kids

See other gay couples and their happy children

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