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Possible Ways To Know If A Man Have “Gonorrhea”.



Gonorrhea is a bacteria infection and it’s equally a sexually transmitted disease. This disease or infection can be contracted by both men and women. The name of the bacteria that causes this disease is know as “Neisseria gonorrhoeae”.

This disease is very dangerous if it’s not treated very well using the right medication. Most people that have this disease might not know that they have contracted the disease until they start seeing the symptoms.

Below in this article are possible ways to know men with Gonorrhea..

1. If the man has an unusual discharge and the colour of this discharge might be white, green or even yellow.

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2.When he is experiencing pain or having difficulties during urination.

3. If the man has a swollen private part.

4. Experiencing pains all over his private part.

5. Body rashes or redness.

So, if you experience these symptoms in your body, it is better to go for a medical check up. If you see these symptoms in somebody’s body, kindly advise the person to visit a hospital.