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President Muhammadu Buhari Addressed the Nation, see Details of what he said (Pictures and Video)



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Following the incidents of mass killings and the ongoing protests that erupted in Nigeria, the president felt this is the right time to address us all.

This is his Excellency President Muhammad Buhari’s speech addressing Nigeria on 22nd October 2020, 7:00 pm

Fellow Nigerians,

1) It has beome necessary for me to address you having heard from many concerned Nigerians and having concluded a meeting with all the security chiefs

2) I must warn those who have hijacked and misdirected the initial, genuine, and well_inteded protest of some of our youths in parts of the country, against the excesses of some members of the now disbanded Special Anti Robbery Squad(SARS)

3) on Monday 12th October, I acknowledged the genuine concerns and the agitations of members of the public regarding the excessive use of force by some members of the SARS.

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4) The choice to demonstrate peacefully is a fundamental rights of the citizens as enshrined in section 40 of our Constitution and other enactments ;but this right to protest also imposes on the demonstrators the responsibility to respect the rights of other citizens , and the necessity to operate within the law.

5) As a democratic Government, we listened to, and carefully evaluated the five_point demands of the protesters. And , having accepted them, we immediately scrapped SARS, and out measures in place to address the other demands of our Youths.

6) On approving the termination of SARS, I already made it clear that it was in line with our commitment to the implementation of extensive police reforms.

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7) Sadly, the promotness with which we have acted seemed to have been misconstruced as a sign of weakness and twisted by some for their selfish unopatriotic interests.

8) The result of this is clear to all observers, human lives have been lost , acts of sexual violence has been reported, two major correctional facilities were attacked and convicts freed; public and private properties completely destroyed or vandalized; the sanctity of the Palace of a peace maker, the oba if Lagos has been Violated . So_called protesters have invaded an international airport and in the process disrupted the travel plans of our fellow Nigerians and our visitors.

9) All these executed in the name of the ENDSARS protests. I am indeed deeply pained that innocents lives have been lost. These tragedies are uncalled for and unnecessary. Certainly, there is no way whatsoever to connect these bad acts to legitimate expressions of grievance of the youth of our country.

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10) The spreading of deliberate falsehood and misinformation through the social media in particular, that

this government is oblivious to the pains and plight of it’s citizens is a ploy to mislead the unwary within and outside Nigeria into unfair Judgement and disruptive behavior.


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