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Press Here For 60 Seconds And See What Happens To Your Body



There are very important pressure points on your body that can heal your body and mind.

What do you do when you have an headache, rub your forehead? A lot of us do this, but most of us aren’t aware that there are some points on the body that you can press to help cure a whole lot of health problems not just an headache.

Keep on reading as Timblog brings you a huge list of pressure points that works magic on the body.

The Third Eye

One of the most effective places is the third eye, sounds funny right?. It’s located between the eyebrows where your forehead meets the bridge of your nose.

When you’re feeling irritated or confused, just slightly press there for 60 seconds.

Not just those, if you have difficulty in breathing or sleeping, holding this point would surely help you out.

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Drilling Bamboo

It can be found in the eye so in between the inner cornea and where your eyebrows starts.

If you feel you’re about to get a cold or flu or you’re beginning to run temperature, use your middle fingers to hold pressure to this point for a minutes.

If you’ve been having headache all day, press that point and feel that pain gently fade away.

Welcome Fragrance

There in two’s and are found right under your cheek bones.

Pressing this point would help in decongesting your running nose and if you massage that place everyday, you acne and pimples would reduce, thereby improving your skin tone.

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Heavenly Appearance

If you trace your fingers down from your earlobes, you would find this point just below the corner of your jaw.

Put pressure on this point, it would tone your facial muscles, making you beautiful and removing signs of wrinkles.

Heavenly Pillar

Move your fingers about 1and 1/2 inch below the base of your head.

Press this point, in a couple of minutes your headache will vanish. Pressing here can also help reduce dizziness and anxiety.

Wind Mansion

This is the found at the top of your neck.

Pressing that point would help you treat red eyes, neck pain, stress and lots more.

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Temple Region

Pressing this point which is at the back of your ear keeps you alert, takes away sleep and dizziness.

This act is called acupressure and it’s been used to cure all kinds of illness.

Let’s do a quick practical guys, if you’re having a headache right now, press any of these points now and tell me how you feel after 2mins.

Don’t keep mute guys, speak up, let’s see the magic.