Primark online shopping uk, Website explained as store launches new service

Primark has finally launched its much-anticipated website. While the new service doesn’t allow customers to shop online and have home delivery, there are many other useful features that can help people.

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The high street store’s striking new website allows shoppers for the first time to see if their favourite items are available in local stores. This website uses a traffic light system for this purpose.

If an item has a green light, it is in stock. According to the Mirror, orange means there is some left, while red means it’s sold out but is back. This will make it easier for the average shopper to navigate the store.

In addition, the new website features more of the latest Primark collections and everyday essentials from the fashion, home, lifestyle and beauty sectors. Consumers can view more images and access more detailed product information – on fabrics and materials, purchasing and care instructions. You can also browse the site by style, color and size.

Primark has confirmed it will be introducing more features to the new site in the coming months, including customer accounts and registration facilities, a newsletter to receive the latest Primark news and previews of new collections, and the ability to create a wish list of favorite products.

Paul Marchant, CEO of Primark, said: “We know our customers love the Primark shopping experience and the surprise they get when they walk into our store – that’s what makes Primark so special. However, we know they also want to browse the latest online series and check the availability, which is the first time for our new website.

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