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Protect yourself and your family from evil people with these powerful herbs



Herbs are used for the purpose of medicine. Herbs are used for food in some situations. But not everything. But that is not everything. So many herbs in the world have a spiritual value.

Many who practice witchcraft and spells are generally familiar with herbs. These people rely on the ability to use herbs in order to solve spiritual problems in order to make money. However, there are individuals who are doomed to use herbs to address both physical and spiritual issues.

You should remember that anyone can use herbs equally to solve any form of problem, whether physical or spiritual. You don’t often have to run to other people to charge large sums of money when you have supernatural assaults. Use these herbs to avoid malevolent powers being machined.

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1. Cassava leaves.

Are you not shocked that cassava leaves are good antidotes against spiritual assaults only in your garden? Yes, that’s it! Yes! Cassava leaves tend to make witchcraft plans and wizards powerless. How is it employed? Soak your leaves in a water bucket every night and bathe it. Pray quietly when you do so. Your prayer should make any spiritual assaults helpless. When you sleep overnight, you should keep the leaves in your pocket or under the pillow. It is going to be your defensive shield. You should keep the leaves in your pocket while you’re traveling. People who want you to die in accidents can only wish for nothing.

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2. Momodicta Foetida leaves.

In Ghana’s Akan language, this herb is known as ‘Nyanya.’ It’s a powerful herb with so many spiritual advantages. It has the power to eliminate all evil from the user. Just keeping that herb at home is sufficient to keep the evil in your mouth. You can soak it in a bucket of water, and bathe it. In order to increase the strength of this herb, send the water incense and enormous the herb in the water. You know that wicked spirits can not resist the fragrance of flames. This is a twofold approach to supernatural assaults.