Q+A: Aug 25 » Olite

Q+A: Aug 25 » Olite qa stan grant 1

Q+A is live from Melbourne this week to tackle the complex issue of ethics in sport.

Sport continues to be a defining element of Australian culture, woven into the fabric of our political, social and working life – but for a nation that prides itself on the “fair go”, just how level is our playing field?

Fairness, inclusivity and personal beliefs all need to be taken into consideration, from the grassroots level to the Olympic arena … so how do we celebrate difference while setting rules on participation? Does fairness trump inclusion? How do sporting clubs respectfully represent the religious and cultural beliefs of those competing at an elite level?

From divisive debates on trans athletes’ participation to the furore over an NRL club’s pride jersey, sport has dominated news headlines this year. And research consistently shows racism is an ongoing problem. How can sporting bodies ensure all athletes, at all levels, feel included and respected? How do sports regulators balance fairness and inclusion allowing everyone an opportunity to participate? How do race, religion, gender and money affect sport in Australia today and what does this mean for the social cohesion of our country?

Kieren Perkins, Chief Executive, Australian Sports Commission
Hannah Mouncey, Handball player
Joe Williams, Former NRL player and mental health advocate
David Lakisa, Pacific sport consultant
Catherine Ordway, Sports lawyer, University of Canberra

Thursday, August 25 at 8.30pm on ABC.

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