Quinta Brunson’s Hard Work Pays Off With ‘Abbott Elementary’

One of the most popular events at San Diego Comic-Con isn’t a superhero movie, or even a genre series. The line for the “Abbott Elementary School” installation, which allows fans to visit a replica of the show, winds its way down the block in front of the Hilton Bay Hotel. This isn’t your typical Comic-Con style show, with one major exception: It’s a hilarious show with a growing fan base.

It’s a miracle that a web comedy can get so much attention in 2022 on our TV giants. It takes a once-in-a-lifetime talent to make it happen. That’s why we can’t stop raving about Quinta Brunson.as type Last month noted that Brunson made Emmy history with three Emmy nominations for “Abbott”: Outstanding Comedy Series, Actress in a Comedy and Comedy Writing (for the show’s pilot) — making her a stellar performer. First black woman to be nominated for three major comedy nominations at the same time.

“I’d love to say that I have a complete grasp of the Quinta recipe,” said Channing Dungey, chairman of Warner Bros. Television Group. “I would say she has an innate ability to create fully three-dimensional characters that are easy to understand and relate to, and at the same time, really pinpoint what’s interesting.”

From making videos for Instagram and BuzzFeed to continuing “iZombie,” “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” and “Miracle Workers,” to the huge success of “Abbott Elementary,” it’s exciting to see Brunson’s rise.

“Kunta is a doer,” Dungy added. “She’s working in every form and medium she can. She’s a writer, she’s doing sketch comedy. She’s doing roles in other people’s projects. That’s largely all her hard work The product of work and hard work. As they say, she’s definitely someone who put in 10,000 hours.”

Dungey said the success of Abbott Elementary’s freshman year reminded her of how Modern Family was an immediate success when it launched in 2009. Like that show, “Abbott” was touted as a reminder that broadcast TV still has some mojos left in it.

“It underscores the fact that it’s not about the platform, it’s about the storytelling. Of course, I admit that a lot of viewers find the show on Hulu, which is great,” Dungey said. “But I think part of the reason it’s had such a big impact from the start is that it’s on the broadcast network. It’s something Quinta is very passionate about when it comes to pitching the show. She wants it to be a free-for-all. programme.”

The fact that “Abbott” celebrates teachers and education at a time when the pandemic has rekindled our understanding of these essential workers is also the perfect time. Good news for TV fans: We’re still in the early stages of a long-term popularity. Following ‘Abbott’ Emmy – which also included supporting nominations for Cheryl Lee Ralph, Janelle James and Tyler James Williams – ABC gets all of Season 2 Order. Brunson and the team already have plans for the first ten episodes.

But don’t expect any spinoffs — no, “Abbott Middle School” isn’t there yet — just not yet. Although Brunson is in high demand now (she’s also next playing Oprah Winfrey in “Weird: The Aryankovic Story” and as a guest in the “Party Down” revival), Making sure “Abbott” feels like a sophomore is her top priority.

“Right now, her head is very important in that game,” Dungy said.

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