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The latest episode of Anupamaa starts with Anu telling Malvika that she would have kept sixteen Somvar fast for 16 lives for Anuj as he is the reward of her prayers. Malvika smiles and says that even her talks are Sanskari. Malvika feels apologetic. She asks Anu to forgive her as she got angry at her without any reason. Anu asks her not to worry as it is alright. Malvika tells Anu that she got angry after seeing Shah’s family cursing her and Anuj. She says that despite this, they act so kind towards them.

Anupamaa  Rakhi Instigates Kavya « CmaTrends Watch Anupamaa 2nd April 2022 Episode Written Update Kavya Taunts

On another hand, Rakhi and Kavya talk. The former tells Kavya that she has explained to her everything that she should know and now it is up to her to make a decision. She says that she is not helping her as a Samdhan but as a woman. Rakhi adds that she is excited about the drama after she leaves Vanraj who left his wife for her. She says that it will make the Shah family shatter into pieces. Rakhi further says that Kinjal will also return home. Here, Anu apologizes to Anuj. He ignores her.

Anu pins Anuj to a wall and asks what is bothering him. Anuj tells her that he is angry at her. Anu smiles and says that he looks even cuter when he is angry. Anu says that it is good to think about himself sometimes and adds that she will manage Shah’s family with Bapuji. Anuj says that he just wants everyone to happy at their wedding and nothing else. Anu asks him not to worry and says that they will reap what they sow. Anuj looks at Anu fondly and says that he feels good seeing this new change in her life.

Anu excuses herself and tells Anuj that will leave now. Anuj holds her Pallu and tells her that he will openly flirt with her at their wedding. Anu gets shy and asks him to leave already. In the next scene, Anu, Kinjal, and Samar return to Shah’s house and see Kavya and Vanraj getting into a fight. Kavya lashes at Vanraj and says that she is fed up with his constant failures. She asks him to do something or else she will leave him. Vanraj asks her to do whatever makes her feel good. Anu gets worried about them and tries to stop them from fighting. Follow us for further updates.

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