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Read: 4 Basic Methods hackers use to break into your bank account and how to prevent them.



1. Mobile banking trojans.

As the world is evolving companies and individuals turn to the Internet for fast and reliable services. Most hackers see this as a means of taking money from your bank account by getting your bank details and they do this through different means.

– Hackers create fake banking apps which when you download and put your login details, they go straight to the hacker.

– Hackers install the malware in unrelated apps which when you download, it begins to scan your phone for banking apps and whenever a banking app is being launched, the malware creates a window which looks identical to the app and you will begin to put your login details in the wrong app.

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Always make sure you download your applications especially banking application from play store or apple store ( for iPhone users). If the application you want to download has little or no reviews or do not have plenty of downloads, don’t also download it. Also, make sure you use the two authentication verification for security. It will prevent the hacker from robbing you even if there are with your login details.

2. Phishing.

You have probably seen messages from hackers sending you links and either persuading or tricking you on clicking them. If you click on the link sent to you through your email or WhatsApp, you will be given the hacker your basic details without you knowing. In other to prevent these treated all suspicious emails and messages with total scepticism and if the contact still doesn’t look legitimate, direct the discussion over phone calls than text.

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3. Man in the middle attack.

Whenever you use an insecure website, hackers also monitor your movements and if you are communicating with your bank using an insecure website, hackers turn to clone the website and you will end up providing your details to a fake Web site.

Avoid doing anything concerning banking in an insecure site and always remember to check the HTTPS is present whenever you enter a Web site.

4. Fake WiFi.

Many people have the tendency to connect on public WiFi because it saves money and data but what you don’t know is that hackers can actually hack into your account when you’re connected to a public WiFi.

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Hackers simply intersect when you’re browsing and wait till when you are trying to make a transaction so that they get your login details.

Avoid free, public and insecure WiFi. But if you must use a WiFi, make sure you use VPN has it will help to encrypt your information and protect your privacy.

Your privacy towards your account should be your utmost priority because, with a slight mistake, hackers can easily get your login details. Feel free to share this post and also tell me if it was helpful to you via the comments section.

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