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READ: Everybody Should Avoid Head And Neck Cancer By Avoiding These 4 Causative Risk Factors



Are you aware that head and neck cancers are the 6th most common cancers worldwide? Head and neck cancer is a term used to define cancer that develops in the throat, mouth, salivary glands, nose, oral cancers or other regions of the head and neck. Experts say that most head and neck cancer victims seek help too late, usually at an advanced stage.

An individual affected by head and neck cancer experiences the following symptoms

1. Continuous sore throat

2. Red or white patch in the mouth.

3. Foul mouth odour

4. Frequent nosebleeds

5. weakness of a body part in the head and neck region

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6. Blood in the saliva or phlegm, which is mucus discharged into the mouth from respiratory passages

7. Pain in chewing or swallowing, moving the jaw or tongue

8. Loosening of teeth

9. Nasal obstruction or persistent nasal congestion

10. Bump or lump in the head or neck area, which can be with or without pain.

11. Jaw pain

12. Unexplained weight loss

There are factors that may increase your risk of head and neck cancer and below are some of them

1. You are more likely to develop a head and neck cancer if you have a family history of it.

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2. Most cases of head and neck cancer are linked to one or the other form of tobacco use (cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco, and dipping snuff.

3. Heavy alcohol consumption is another big cause of head and neck cancer. Alcohol is known to irritate the lining inside the mouth or gums to a certain extent. And the risk increases if you use both alcohol and tobacco.

4. If you are a man, you are twice as likely to get head and neck cancer as a woman and the risk increases with age.

If you don’t want to develop head and neck cancer, maintain the following lifestyle to reduce your risk of the disease.

1. Proper Diet and a Healthy Lifestyle

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2. Quit Tobacco Chewing

3. Quit Smoking

4. Quit excessive intake of alcohol

5. Don’t ignore any bleeding/pain around your head region.

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