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READ: If your phone is stolen, don’t panic, do these 4 things immediately



The phone is an essential commodity currently, especially the smart ones. It can be used in doing certain businesses online, making calls, chatting, presentation, surfing the internet and storing several information.

That’s why it can be very disturbing when someone suddenly steals it thereby carting away information. The funny thing is that it is not the phone that causes confusion most times but the loads of information that has been stored on it. The first reaction when this happens is unexplainable change in the body system which is normal.

There is something you should become aware of at this moment because it has become a trend. When people steal phones nowadays, it is not mainly because they want to sell it but to transfer the money in the one’s bank account. This happened to someone I know recently when his Android phone was stolen and #70,000 was transferred from it without the culprits knowledge of the account PIN. That’s the new tactic mobile phone thieves are using right now.

If your phone is stolen, relax for a while, then take these four steps immediately.

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1. Rush to the bank, ask the officials to block your bank account immediately without delay. This is because it takes the culprits a few minutes to transfer all the money in your account without knowing your PIN.

2. Call your network provider to block your Sim cards in order for the culprits not to have access to your information or contacts.

3. Look for the pack of the mobile phone, there is always a place where the IMEI number is written( It’s always at the back). You can download the tracker yourself from Google playstore or take the IMEI number to the police station. This will enable the officials track the location of the phone with it.

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4. Retrieve your Sim cards as soon as possible. This will make you claim ownership of your contacts again.

On a final note, never make the mistake of keeping your phone in the front pocket, it’s always easy for the thieves to remove it from there and always back-up all your information on google drive. You’ll gain access to it when you get your phone back.