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Read: You Might Have Cancer if You Have This 10 Symptoms



Early detection and treatment could go a long way to reduce the damage done by Cancer.

Here are 10 Symptoms to watch out for in other to discover Cancer early.

Changes in Breast. While changes in breast are normal, it is very important to test your breast for abnormal changes. If there is a lump, redness, pain or nipple change. Please do consult your doctor for proper test.

Peeing problem. As a man when you discover you go to bathroom often than normal or you are having leaks, it is important to go have a check as this could be prostate due to old age or p[prostate cancer.

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Swelling of lymph nodes. This could be sign of stress.fatigue and infections. They could also be sign of cancer such as leukemia and lymphoma.

Blood when you stool. If you notice blood when you stool, it could be from inflamed veins called hemorrhoids, but there is also a chance its Colon Cancer.

Changes in testicles. When there is a swelling or lumps in your testicles, it is important to go for check up and test as this could be a symptom of Testicle Cancer.

Unusual Vaginal Bleeding. If you are having bloody discharge and bleeding after menopause than it is normal, there could be many reasons why this is happening. It is important to see your doctor for check up as this could be a sign of Uterus, Cervix or Vaginal Cancer.

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Abnormal Weight Loss. Having the right weight is very important, but if you are loosing weight abnormally it is not normal and you need to get tested, because it could be a symptom of Liver or Pancreatic cancer.

Constant Heartburn and Indigestion. From time to time we all experience heartburn and indigestion. If it becomes constant and does not stop after few days. please do consult your doctor. This could be a sign of Stomach Cancer.

Changes in your Skin. Cancer of the Skin is common and symptoms to watch out for are new spots,or change in size, color and shape of existing spot. It is advised to consult a doctor for test.

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Extreme Fatigue. Fatigue could also be a symptom of cancer as it is associated with Leukemia Cancer. Just to be sure it is good to consult a doctor.

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