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Reason why some relationship die.




Relationship on its own will continue to move well and OK when we treated it the way it suppose. In Newton’s law of motion let us to understood that every action will continue to be in its uniform movement until is force by another external force, and in his third law he explained to us that the force we use to bounce a ball will be the same force it will react back. So also with relationship, some of the things we do is responsible for the heartbreak we experience in relationship.

Relationship never die naturally in most cases but it is murdered by some of these things we do, which include:

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1. Attitude

2. Behaviour

3. Ego

4. Hidden benefits

5. Ignorance

These are the few things that we allow to cause heartbreak in most cases if we can push them aside and have a right attitude and behaviour, putting that pride away things will work well for us.

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