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Reasons You Have Grey Hair Under The Age Of 40 Years, Here Are The Causes



If you have grey hair under the age of 40 years, below are the causes.

Many individual keep wondering why they have grey (white) hair at early age. Even when it seems nothing, they keep bothering themselves. Most people have their white hair at old age, but the rate in which youths of nowadays are having grey hair is much.

Some said is wisdom hair while some use theirs to do shakara , but most people don’t like it especially at early age, Simply because someone out there might think he or she is actually old.

Below are most of the things that causes early grey hair

– Lack of nutrition – Nutrition is very important to your health, taking B-12 will help keep your hair very healthy. Always make sure your body don’t lack nutrition, to avoid unhealthy health that will force out grey hair.

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– Genetics – When you have grey hair at early age, it may be that you inherited it from your parents or grandparents. If you noticed that your parents had theirs at early age, you have nothing to worry about rather enjoy your hair color.

– Stress – Stressing your body too much can actually cause early grey hair. When you over think on issues, you hardly rest your brain or body. It will affect you and even make you look older than your age, and as well bringing out white hair.

– Smoking – Smoking cigarettes constricts blood vessels, which can reduce blood flow to hair and as well cause early white hair.

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Which category did you fall in, if it is not genetics, please kindly adjust yourself a bit. It will do good to your health and as well to your hair.