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Reliable journalist provides intriguing update on bizarre Toby Alderweireld situation



Reliable Tottenham reporter Alasdair Gold has spoken on his YouTube channel to provide an intriguing update on the bizarre situation regarding Toby Alderweireld.

It seems that Spurs manager Jose Mourinho is not being entirely honest about the situation, claiming Alderweireld was not ready to be available for the Newcastle game.

This looks like a mistake by Mourinho, and he’s digging himself into even more of a hole by seemingly being dishonest about what’s gone on.

Discussing this bizarre situation, Gold said: “Alderweireld not only was in photos on Thursday from training, but in a video on Friday was also shown in training.

“So for Mourinho to say that he wasn’t training until Saturday and that he didn’t do any training until the final day. I’m hoping we get clarity on Friday because it made no sense.

“I’ve done a bit of digging, and I was told that Alderweireld had actually done his covid test on Wednesday, he was back and he did all that, so I don’t understand what’s gone on there.

“A lot of people inside the club are confused about it, and as I say, players are not too happy about it.”

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