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Remember The 50 Year Old Man That Got Married To 3 Women At Once? Here Is What Really Happened



A news went viral on the interned two years back about a 50 year old man, Ssemanda, who got marries to three women at once, where two of them were sisters.

According to the husband, he revealed that despite him not financially buoyant, all his wives showed true love to him. He also said getting married to the three women at once saved cost.

(Mohammad Ssemanda with his 3 wives)

Mohammad Ssemansa is reportedly a food vendor at Kasenyi Landing site, in Wakiso district as at the time he got married to his wives.

The wedding ceremony was held in Wakiso district. The brides name were Salmat Naluwygge, who is currently 50 years old. She is the first wife of Ssemansa, and they’ve been together for over two decades. Others include Jameo Nakayiza and Mastulah Nameanje who were sisters.

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According to Ssemansa, he said his wives are not for once jealous of each other, and all of them has their home individually.

The Islamic Cleric that performed at the wedding rituals, Sheikh Swaleh Mugenyi, made it known that the holy communion was not against Islam.