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Remember The Actor In “The God Must Be Crazy, See What Happened To Him Some Years Later



Nxau Toma was a local farmer who rose to fame after he acted as the lead actor in the 1980 comedy film called The Gods Must Be Crazy.

The movie was so funny that it went quickly went viral.

It was reported that the actor was only paid $300, even when the movie made over $60 million.

the South African director of the film named Jamie Uys who brought him to the limelight admitted that the actor never knew the value of money at that time because Nxau was not that exposed to modern society and as such did was not acquainted with material wealth.

However, after the movie went viral Nxau demanded more money for his act.

Nxau also demanded that the money should be used to construct a blockhouse equipped with electricity and a water pump.

It was said the actor married three wives and he had many children.

After his career ended in the year 2000, he returned back to Namibia to live a peaceful life in his newly built house, The actors became super involved in farming, as he planted numerous crops such as rice, maize, beans, and pumpkin

It was reported that the actor owned cattle and sheep, they tendered to.

Nxau Toma was found dead in June 2003 near his home in Namibia after he went out to collect firewood.

It was said that he died at the age of 59 years, and the exact cause of his death was unknown.

Some people said He had suffered from tuberculosis in the past.

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