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Key West Robbery: Reports Of Robbery At Bank: There are reports of a robbery that have come to the headlines and claimed that a robbery took place at a bank in Key West Shopping center on Monday. The news of the robbery has been in the spotlight and drawing everyone’s attention. Yes, the news of the robbery has been surfacing on the internet as well as on news channels. People are shocked and also worried about the people who were stuck there since Monday. Some citizens have been seeking details about the robbery. In this article, we are going to share all the latest updates. Follow More Update On

Key West Robbery

As per the sources, the News publications received reports of a robbery at a back in Key West Shopping Centre in Monument on Monday afternoon, on 11 April 2022. A news journalist Natasha Pretorius who was present on the scene said that the management of the shopping center will release a statement soon. As soon as the news of the robbery at a bank came, all citizens in the city got worried and started reacting to the news. People whose loved ones and friends were at the robbery scene were extremely stressed for them.

Pretorius said, “The entrance to the mall was blocked off with barrier tape and police were also on scene. We will update our readers as soon as more information becomes available.” After some time, Key West Shopping Center also issued a statement confirming the robbery. After their statement, it was confirmed that an armed robbery took place at the Capitec branch on 11 April 2022, Monday afternoon. It was confirmed by the Key West Shopping Center management that a Capitec branch was the target of an armed robbery.

The statement of the Key West Shopping Center management reads, “Armed robbers intercepted the G4S cash-in-transit vehicle at Entrance 3 and stole an undisclosed amount of money.” The case of the robbery was later handed over to the police for further investigation. Luckily, there were no injuries were taken place in spite of three shots being fired.

The management’s statement added, “Safety of all patrons and shoppers is and always remains  the Centre’s top priority and we will continue to remain alert.” Apart from this, there is not much information has come about the robbery case. We are trying to find out more information about the case and whenever we will get a further investigation, we will let you know for sure till then stay connected with us for more updates.

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