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Observational series Emergency, filmed by WTFN at the the Royal Melbourne Hospital Emergency department, returns for its third season tonight on Nine.

Our heroes on the frontline will once again pull back the curtain on one of the busiest Emergency departments in Australia, showcasing the dedicated experts who shoulder the worst of the pandemic to emerge stronger than ever as a team, as they continue to deal with a constant stream of different life-and-death cases.

With over 250 patients a day, life in this ED is a pressure cooker. Watch the stories of the patients through the eyes of the highly trained doctors and nurses at Royal Melbourne who are always ready with utmost care to deal with any emergency.

Joining the hospital hero favourites of previous Emergency series – Doctors Bjorn, Emma, Jonathan, Luke, Mark, Michael, Michelle, Mya, Sarah, and Nurse Ebony – the gripping new season welcomes several new faces: Dr Caitlin Young, Dr George Plunkett, Dr Laura Gellie, Dr Martin Dutch and Nurse Chelsea.

In the season three premiere a man collapses in the hospital café. Luckily it’s next to the ED, but Dr Jonathan fears the man’s luck is running out. Dr Laura and Dr Mark bend over backwards to perform what should be a routine procedure on a woman with a dislocated hip. Dr Emma is concerned that a young man with numbness down one side of his body may have a life-changing illness. And a motorbike rider has horrific injuries after crashing through a wire fence, causing Dr Caitlin and Dr Michael to fear the man might lose his foot.

As we will see, it takes more than skill and courage to do this job. It takes heart, dedication, compassion and skills of the highest order – the trademarks of the tireless Emergency staff at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

8:45pm tonight on Nine.

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