Richard Moore dead and obituary, Tributes paid to cycling journalist Richard Moore

Tributes to cycling journalist and award-winning author Richard Moore, who died Monday at the age of 49.

The highly regarded author is a former cyclist who has represented the UK and Scotland at the 1998 Commonwealth Games, as well as road and time trials during his career.

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Eurosport host Orla Chennaoui spoke of the shocking news in a touching Twitter post: “Our hearts were broken on Monday, air was sucked out of our lungs. Words can never do justice. Chad, you’re the best of us. You attack from the front. You do it wrong. You’re one of the few friends who never let me down. You’re not going to let anyone down.”

Moore is a frequent visitor to Scottish publications such as The Guardian and The Sunday Times, The Herald and The Scotsman, and has contributed to Cycling Weekly for many years. His book, Finding Robert Miller, won Best Biography at the 2008 British Sports Book Awards, and he’s also written about Chris Hoy, Team Sky and the Tour de France.

In 2013, he co-founded the Cycling Podcast with fellow journalists Lionel Birnie and Daniel Friebe, and is perhaps best known in the cycling world.

On Wednesday morning, the podcast posted the news of Moore’s passing, saying: “Monday was a very difficult day. We received news this morning that our leader, pivot, friend and brother Richard Moore has passed away. We are all shaken.

“Before creating the podcast in 2013, Richard had built a thriving career as a brilliant, versatile, and prolific writer and journalist. His books won awards, and his enthusiasm and humor attracted friends—a Huge circle of different character types across sports and continents.

“For us he is a force of nature, immortal, but above all unity. There can be no consolation today, but the closest thing is to know that the web of love and love he weaves will now be a source of support for those The structures of those most affected by this loss.”

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