Robyn Carr ‘Sullivan’s Crossing’ In Works At Fremantle, Reel World


With Season 4 of “Virgin River” debuting July 18 and becoming Netflix’s No. 1 TV series worldwide, its producer, Vancouver-based Reel World Management and literary source, New York Times bestselling novelist Robin Carr is on Reunited for another bold global audience drama “Sullivan’s Crossroads,”

This time, they teamed up with CTV in Canada and Fremantle for international distribution. Fremantle has exclusively shared behind-the-scenes photos from the series shoot with Variety.

“Sullivan’s Crossing” is part of RTL Group’s Fremantle’s foray into English-language productions in the UK, and this year it was a big hit in Australia and now Canada with BBC One’s “The Responder” starring Martin Freeman.

“Sullivan’s Crossroads” also showcases another major global TV player, here in Fremantle, which is entering as both publishers and VOD platforms look to reach the massive audiences that once belonged widely to broadcast networks Greater mainstream swing.

“We’re excited about the English-language series, and Canada is a big target for us. This is the first major show we’re working on getting out of Canada. We’re also working with Bell on a limited series called The Birds. So , we have two series from Canada and more to come eventually,” said Jens Richter, CEO of Fremantle International.

“This is a great area of ​​collaboration for us and we definitely have ambitions to expand our footprint in Canada, especially in terms of relevance in the US market. Made in Canada and then used like ‘Sullivan’s Crossing’ Breaking into the entire North American market with a great collection like this is definitely the big goal here,” Richter added.

Breathing life into CTV’s original series are its executive producers, producer Roma Roth and Christopher E. Perry of Reel World Management. The team used Carr’s “Virgin River” novel to make gold, adapted into the Netflix original of the same name. Season 4 has been watched for 240 million hours in its first three weeks.

“I’m excited to do business with CTV and Fremantle, two forward-looking companies that truly understand and support our creative vision for programming,” Roth said.

“This is Fremantle’s first foray into a TV series and has made the show a priority, which is great considering it’s a distribution company with a huge global reach. We’re fortunate to have direct access to it Series orders because both Fremantle and CTV have an incredible creative team who instinctively understand the value of the Robyn Carr brand and fan base,” she added.

A behind-the-scenes look at Sullivan’s Crossing in Lowry Provincial Park, Nova Scotia.
Photo by Mike Tompkins

The project is an inter-provincial co-production with Mike Volpe, president of Nova Scotia-based Topsail Productions (“The Lighthouse”), and Mark Gingras (“Ladies Dead”), managing partner of Toronto City Post Productions.

Produced by Reel World Management and executive produced by CTV and Fremantle, Sullivan’s Crossing was developed and produced in conjunction with Bell Media, with participation from the Canadian Media Fund and the Bell Fund.

“Sullivan’s Crossroads” follows neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan as her life in Boston crumbles around her, opening a fork in the path that her personal and professional path once took effortlessly forward. Forced to go in the opposite direction, she finds her way back to the country town she once called home, where her estranged father runs a local outpost.

The 10-episode romantic drama unfolds as Maggie confronts trauma from her past to reconnect parts of her long forgotten. The show tackles related themes of community, family bonds, love, and self-actualization, allowing its characters to grow, heal, and live along the way.

“Sullivan’s Crossroads is more of a multi-generational show that focuses on wide-ranging relationships. My goal was to create a high-level emotional drama that would make our audience feel real and authentic, Give them a glimpse into a world that feels relevant and real,” Ross commented.

“Rome has done so well to be a return to more traditional mainstream ideas and it’s a great, accessible way of telling a story. This show is the perfect example of that,” said Christian, Fremantle President of Global Theatre Vesper added.

“These scripts are emotional, adult and engaging, but at the same time, they are intended for a wide audience. They do not exclude anyone in the family. They are not soft, however. They are very real to adult and family life experiences. ,” Vesper added.

Carles’ novel provides a wealth of material and has the potential to add seasons to the engrossing debut story.

“Robyn creates characters and worlds that resonate on a deep and emotional level. This has led to her building a huge and loyal global fan base,” says Ross.

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A behind-the-scenes look at Sullivan’s Crossing in Oakfield Provincial Park, Nova Scotia.
Photo by Mike Tompkins

“Our clients, both broadcast and platform, love big IPs, and big IPs are great for setting up all of the marketing and launch communications around the show, where you can leverage your existing fan base,” Richter added.

Canadian actor Morgan Cohan (“When Hope Calls”) will play Maggie, starring nostalgic actors Scott Patterson (“Gilmore Girls”) and Chad Michelle Murray (“One Tree”). Mountain”) played Maggie’s father and potential lover Carl Jones.

“Roma has assembled a beautiful cast. Our cast also has a very good track record in the US market,” Richter added. “Casting is obviously a big focus when thinking about how we can make a show that travels really beautifully. With our three main characters, Morgan, Chad and Scott, we have these on the show element.”

Rounding up the supporting cast are Lindura (“Crossing the Canyon”), Dakota Taylor (“Zero Chill”), Alan Hocco (“Frontier”), Amalia Williamson (“Northern Rescue”), Ann Delia Maynard (“Rabbit Down”) and Canadian folk singer and actor Tom Jackson (“Cardinal”).

Currently filming in Nova Scotia, the production pays homage to the province’s vast landscapes, rich culture and diversity, changing the location from the Rocky Mountains in the books to the Canadian countryside, and bringing local talent to be more representative of the region’s modern patchwork Various people.

“To make sure the show was different from her other adaptations, I decided to set it in Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia. That meant being slightly different from the books; however, born and raised in Canada, My personal goal has always been to create and write a Canadian content show that would appeal to a global audience. I believe that, given Robyn’s success, there is a good chance we can achieve that with “Sullivan’s Crossing,” Roth said.

Focusing on the February release date, Richter concluded: “This is an important IP. It’s very clear what we’re delivering, what we’re trying to deliver. I just wanted to emphasise this romance and connection, it’s perfect for today era.”

“Sullivan’s Crossroads”: more credits

On behalf of Fremantle, Michela Di Mondo, Executive Vice President of Distribution and Sales Canada, and Hilary Martin, Executive Producer of Global Theatre, are executive producing, with the participation of Mike Cosentino of CosMedia. Pat DiVittorio serves as CTV’s Vice President of Professional Programming.

At Bell Media, Carolyn Wu is Head of Development, Rachel Goldstein-Couto is Head of Development and Original Programming, and Mitch Geddes is Head of Production. Sarah Fowlie is Head of Production for Originals and Carlyn Klebuc is General Manager of Originals. Justin Stockman is Vice President of Content Development and Programming at Bell Media. Karine Moses is Senior Vice President of Content Development and News at Bell Media and Vice Chairman of Bell Quebec.

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Jens Richter, Roman Ross and Christian Vesper
Courtesy of Fremantle

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