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Filming for upcoming 10 whodunnit The Traitors was completed several weeks ago.

Host Rodger Corser says producers are now editing the series based on hours of footage.

“There’s a lot of post-production because there’s 17 cameras, 23 contestants and they get all of it. I’d hate to be post production on that because there’s a lot of footage to wade through!” he tells TV Tonight.

The series navigating trust, betrayal and ‘murder’ was filmed in a grand heritage hotel in the NSW Southern Highlands and set to screen later this year.

Meanwhile Corser will soon be seen on Netflix miniseries Thai Cave Rescue. Unlike the Prime Video movie Thirteen Lives, it includes both Australian divers Dr Richard Harris (Corser) and Craig Challen (Damon Herriman) -the latter was excluded from Ron Howard’s movie.

“From an Aussie’s point of view it’s disappointing because they both won Australian of the Year and they’re such a team. One didn’t go without the other. They do all their cave diving usually together. But they have to condense it to 2.5 hours and we’ve 6 x 1 hours,” says Corser.

He also hints at his next move.

“There’s something coming. I’m keen to get my own ideas out there….”

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