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Ram Gopal Varma Reacts To Ajay Devgn VS Kichcha Sudeep(Photo Credit: Instagram/wikimedia)

The Bollywood vs South was just limited to fan clubs of respective film industries, but yesterday, a Twitter debate between Ajay Devgn and Kichcha Sudeep proved how much intense the topic really is. Now, even a renowned filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has got himself involved in a war of words.

It all started when Sudeep said, “Hindi is no more an official language” at a media event. It created a stir on social media and Ajay argued the point on Twitter by tagging the Kannada star. Ajay, in Devanagari script, wrote, “my brother, According to you if Hindi is not our national language then why do you release your mother tongue movies by dubbing them in Hindi? Hindi was, is and always will be our mother tongue and national language. Jan Gan Man.”

Kichcha Sudeep replied back yesterday itself and at the end of the day, the debate got a full stop. But now, Ram Gopal Varma has joined the social media war and even went on to call north stars ‘insecure’ and ‘jealous’ after justifying statements of both Ajay Devgn and Sudeep.

In one of his tweets, Ram Gopal Varma lauded Kichcha Sudeep for starting the debate over people calling Hindi India’s official language. He writes, “Whether u intended or not am glad u made this statement, because unless there’s a strong stir, there cannot be a calm, especially at a time when there seems to be a war-like situation between Bolly(north)wood and Sandal(South) wood.”

He even took Ajay Devgn’s side as he knows him for a long and he feels the actor will never initiate such a debate by making controversial statements. However, speaking about the entire Bollywood, RGV tagged them as north stars and called them insecure as a Kannada film like KGF Chapter 2 opened with 50 crore+ in its Hindi version. He even said that Runway 34’s collection will prove who’s having an upper hand in the Hindi vs Kannada debate.

Check out his tweets below:

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