Russian Soldier Alexei Bychkov Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and, Reddit

Alexei Bychkov

WATCH: Russian Soldier Alexei Bychkov Video Goes Viral On YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and, Reddit: As you all know, this world is uncertain. Anytime, anywhere something will happen. Somewhere,  a massive massacre happened while somewhere good things happened. This world never stops. If stops, then all the humans who are living on this planet will die. With this, we are going to share you with a person who rapes a Ukrainian Baby. Yes, a baby who just came into this world and had got raped by a Russian soldier. It was not known what going on in their head. The Russian soldier was a grown and mature person. He knows what is right and what is wrong. Follow More Update On

Russian Soldier Alexei Bychkov Video

Soldiers are protecting their country and they take their duty very seriously. But in this case, the Russian soldier was not good in his head. He needs to fix the upper part of the body. This is a terrible and horrifying act which we are going to explain more within a couple of minutes. But before what we are going to discuss in this article no one has any right to say vulgar things to him as cops will take care of him and many sites have been taken down due to this issue. So, don’t use any vulgar language in the comment section below.

Who is Alexei Bychkov?

As we mentioned above, Alexei was the one who raped the minor. Currently, he was in jail and charged with a second degree. He was born in 1997 and he was 24 years old. As a soldier, he was fighting the war against Ukraine. If you are aware, of what’s going on between Russia and Ukraine. Many soldiers including Alexei have fought the war.

After the war, he found the baby. It didn’t mention where he comes from and how did he find it. At first, he mocked the baby and filmed it. Later, he sent the video to his fellow soldiers and one of his fellow soldiers have upload it on the internet. This is where the video started to share on the internet and went viral. After a couple of days, the video became a trending topic on the internet. Many media sites and news channels were covering him for the crime that he had done with the minor.  People are stunned and can’t believe that a soldier had done this. People’s anger has been shown through the comments.

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