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Sabnam and Nadeem Instagram audio Goes Viral on Social Media At this time Instagram has become everyone’s favorite social media platform, but there are some users who are misusing it. On Wednesday (April 6, 2022), an audio clip of a user named Sabnam and his friend Nadeem went viral on Instagram. Follow More Updates On CmaTrends

In the audio clip, Nadeem is heard saying, “I have seen three Hindus die before my eyes. These @#### die daily in our area. Must kill them, kill them. I say kill them openly. Hindus is the biggest filth in the world. Hindu sisters should be raped, I will rape their sisters.” Sabnam laughs out loud hearing Nadeem’s words. After this, when Nadeem was continuously abusing Hindus in the 2-minute clip, Sabnam calls Nadeem the comedy king.

Sabnam and Nadeem instagram audio

The audio clip has been shared on Twitter by a person named TiredBhiim. In his tweet, he said, “Absolutely sick. Look how much hatred is filled in these people towards Hindus. This is Sabnam and his friend Nadeem.” Nadeem says, “A few days back a cow was being slaughtered in my area. Then a Hindu came and objected. I told him to go and call the police and inform his administration. They won’t be able to uproot anything.” He continues his abuse and Sabnam encourages him by laughing at his words. Nadeem further says, “Hinduism is nothing. These people live in a fantasy world. They have such a God, whose head is not known to whom.

He goes on to say, “The second god is his half-girl. These people are the biggest mess in the world.” Sabnam’s happiness knew no bounds because of Nadeem’s constant abuses. She bursts out laughing. She says, “Just do it Nadeem, I stopped breathing. Nadeem Comedy King.”

Sabnam and Nadeem instagram Viral audio

Challenging the police, and administration, Nadeem also said, “I feel very angry at these Hindus, if someone has to report, then do it. If someone wants to uproot me, then uproot me. If I had AK 47, I would have killed them selectively. Hindu sisters should be raped. I will rape their sisters. I have raped three Hindu girls. He kept on using abuses for the mother and sisters of Hindus throughout the clip. When Sabnam asked her to calm down, she said, “I want them to kill me. Marty me I want to be a martyr. I will die one, 100 more will be born after me. What will they do then?”

After the audio went viral, Sabnam played the victim card through a post on his Instagram story. She wrote, “For the first time you guys are threatening me with rape and death for the last two days. You are adding me to that group, who are abusing my religion. I tolerated it a lot, but when I came live, you all especially Abhishek Dev, Yuvraj threatened me with rape and death. I am mentally disturbed. I can’t tolerate all this anymore.”

She further wrote, “I was in the same depression and you guys made my work easier. I have spoken to my family members for the last time. Now whatever happens after my death, the police will take care of it. I was abused so much for no fault of my own. So this story must be shared. Thank you for forcing me to end my life.”

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