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Sad: Heart Touching Photos Of Babies Born Without Arms And Legs (Pictures)



Anytime I see photos of babies with abnormalities my heart bled, because I know what the parents are going through, also the baby may be going through pains that a little baby should not be passing through.

‘Tetra-amelia’ is a rare disorder that is uncommon among babies, it is a disorder that cause a baby to to born without legs and arms. The rare disorder also affect some other parts of babies such as their heart, faces or skeleton, and cause them not to function well. On some rare cases the disease affects the lungs which leads to difficulty in breathing.

This rare disorder is not a disease that one will wish for his or her greatest enemies, because the pains that it brings is very severe. In some cases the babies dies in the mother’s womb while some die after birth. Some are longer to live very long, but only few are lucky. The disorder is mostly caused by a genetic mutation in the DNA of the baby’s parents, because DNA of parents play a very crucial role on the development of the baby, before he or she is born.

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Because the disorder is very rare, scientist has not been able to figure out the actual cause of it. Some say it is hereditary, but that has not been proven yet. Although this disorder is very rare, and it has taken the lives of so many children there are still some babies who have the disease and are living well. Even though these babies have the syndrome, they are still extremely beautiful.

See some photos of babies born without arms or legs below

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