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SAD: See Photos Of Mr Macaroni And Other Protesters Passing Out The Night On The Floor In Alausa



Yesterday, protesters took to the streets to protest against the brutality of the police force who are meant to protect Nigerians.

It was a very peaceful protest as the people are tired already of the force called SARS and calmly letting the Government to know that they should scrap it totally, they don’t want reform, they want it all disbanded.

The people currently protesting against the force in Lagos State, Alausa went through many things right from the midnight to this early morning that was making Nigerians be praying for their safety.

The protesters who were told they could stay and welcome by the Police force as long as it’s a peaceful protest. The citizens obey every bit of what we called a peaceful protest but around night, they were harassed with their canopy, and chairs were taken from them by the forces. They was even towing motor in place ready to tow away their cars if they did not move the cars.

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According to the protesters, they switch off the street light in Alausa Government House on purpose and put them in fears but they did not crumble, they stayed, the light was restored and later the speaker addresses them but still they let him know what the forces did wrong.

The protesters didn’t return home, they stayed glued on the street irrespective of whether there is a comfortable place to sleep. Mr Macaroni who has been leading the protest since did not really sleep all through the night.

See Photos of Youth of Nigeria, the leaders of tomorrow passing out the night on the floor just to end the jungle forces, called SARS;

It’s really sad seeing Nigerians sleep on the floor after telling the Government what they want. Yet got harassed and scared off with guns even without holding anything harmful. They were peaceful and didn’t make the protest violent.