Sam Waisbren Death Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit and Youtube, Man crushed by elevator at Manhattan

Sam Waisbren Death Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube, Man crushed by elevator at Manhattan Authorities said a Kips Bay man was crushed to death by an elevator in his luxury high-rise as his shocked neighbors looked on Thursday morning, enacting one of every New Yorker’s worst nightmares. Follow more updates on

Sam Waisbren Death Video

According to officials, Sam Waisbren, 30, clawed furiously to get out of the crowded elevator as it dropped from the lobby into the darkness of the shaft below, but he was crushed between the elevator car and the shaft wall.

“The person was literally trying to crawl out onto the floor while the elevator was still [going down],” claimed a building worker who did not want to be recognised because he witnessed the death. “It’s terrible.”

Sam Waisbren Death Video viral on Twitter

The horrible sight, which occurred shortly after 8:15 a.m. at the 23-story Manhattan Promenade skyscraper on Third Avenue near East 25th Street, was captured on building surveillance tape obtained exclusively by The Post.

The elevator door opens into the lobby, and a man in a rucksack emerges, then turns around as the lift gives way, sending Waisbren and five others soaring below, as shown in the video.

Waisbren reflexively reached for the elevator door frame with his right hand and tried to plant his right leg on a sliver of the lobby floor, but he was quickly overwhelmed.

Sam Waisbren Death Video Viral on Reddit

“He’s a young man,” said his father, Charles Waisbren, who added that his son had relocated from their family home outside of Milwaukee to work in software sales in New York. “In New York, he had millions of pals.” He was much adored.

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“His first instinct was to extend his arm… so he could get off,” the construction worker explained. “At that point, he was taken down by the elevator.” You just do not want to get out of the automobile while it is still driving.”

Waisbren was pronounced deceased at the spot by first responders.

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Firefighters rushed to save the five persons trapped and terrified inside the claustrophobic metal cage.

“After it was carried down to the basement, several persons were still left in the automobile,” stated FDNY Deputy Chief Anthony Arpaia. “The FDNY had to put forth a lot of effort to relocate the car.”

The turmoil gave way to inquiries as the others were free and clear.

While the city’s Department of Buildings, which was on the site late Thursday investigating the incident, claimed the killer elevator had not been the subject of any formal complaints in the preceding decade, the building’s other lift had been stopped down months before due to safety concerns.

man crushed by elevator at Manhattan

A public report on the violation, which was formally inspected on May 29, states, “Door zone restrictor has been tampered with.” “This is a safety device that ensures the safety of elevator riders.”

After the inspection, the DOB issued a cease-use order, but the building’s management business, ATA Enterprises, was able to satisfy municipal inspectors and get the order lifted by May 31.

Residents claimed Thursday that the elevator was taken out of operation Wednesday night because it kept getting stuck.

Multiple requests for comment from ATA went unanswered.

According to a seasoned elevator safety specialist, Thursday’s tragedy was also the result of human mistake.

Similar accidents he has studied featured “someone altering the elevator safety circuit in the elevator machine room” to fix the elevator, according to Kevin Doherty, a Rockland County-based consultant who has testified in hundreds of elevator-accident cases.

“When either the inner car door or the outside hoistway door is in the open position, elevator controllers/computers are designed to inhibit motion of the elevator,” he explained.

“You’d have to have a number of mechanical and electrical breakdowns happen at the same time, excluding human involvement, for this to happen.”

He stated the chances of such happening are “nearly unfathomable.”

Doherty, who investigated a 2011 elevator disaster in a Midtown office building that killed advertising executive Suzanne Hart and was blamed on a bypassed safety circuit, said Thursday’s horrific tragedy might have gone other way.

He said, “The first guy was lucky to escape out.” “He doesn’t realise how fortunate he is.”

Residents at the Manhattan Promenade, where monthly rent for a one-bedroom is $3,695, claimed they had become accustomed to the squeaky elevators.

“They always leap between floors,” one resident, who did not want to be recognised, claimed, comparing the rides to something from a horror film. “It’s like when you’re on that terrifying elevator that leaps up and down on Halloween night.” It’s a disaster.”

“It’s sadly no surprise and disappointing that it wasn’t addressed sooner,” Dayna Sargen, 39, added. It was possible that life could have been saved. It shouldn’t take someone dying for a management business to notice that our elevators are broken.”

Waisbren’s father was on board.

He explained, “The elevator was usually in disarray, and they’re paying a million dollars in rent every month.” “At the very least, the building should provide safety.”

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