Samsung’s Freestyle Projector Is $100 Off Right Now

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One of the hottest tech products of the past year is now on sale, and this isn’t a deal you want to miss.

Samsung’s Freestyle HD projectors are already relatively affordable at $900, and now Samsung’s July Black Friday deal will run through the end of the month with a $100 discount. This ultra-portable, versatile projector made a splash when it debuted at CES 2022 in January, and the gorgeous video The brand went viral at launch for good reason, showing how to pleasure This new thing is.

It supports 1080p HD for crisp and bright projection and can be extended up to 100 inches diagonally without loss of resolution (an epic feat for such a small device). It includes autofocus and auto-leveling, so you can adjust the screen to any surface at any angle. Additionally, it has a smart speaker with 360-degree radiation. It’s not called “freestyle”.

When Samsung says it’s portable, they’re not kidding. The Freestyle weighs 1.8 pounds (including the cradle mount). It also doesn’t seem to sacrifice any smart features for portability, which is arguably one of its main selling points. In a small frame, you still get WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, built-in streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu, and mirroring and casting capabilities, making it easier than ever to cast any media you want with the click of a button …or your voice. Yes, Freestyle is also one of the first projectors in the industry to include far-field voice control for seamless voice commands.

Get the following Samsung Freestyle projectors before the limited-time offer ends:

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