Sasural Simar Ka 2 25th August 2022, Today’s Full Episode Written Update, High Voltage Drama In the Show!

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After Udaariyaan, the audience spent their time watching “Sasural Simar Ka 2”, which is also broadcast on television on the Colors channel. This show is the second season of the latest SSK show, showing a similar story as we saw in the first season. Although this show in particular has a lot of high voltage drama and each segment features a different level of drama. Every character in the series is busy doing “Kand” and it seems that the audience loves to see it and that’s why the creators love to show it. So far we have seen that Ishita succeeded in her plan by showing in front of Badi Maa that she lost her child because of Simar. Now let’s see what we’re going to see next. Follow our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Sasural Simar Ka 2 August 25, 2022

The soap opera preview begins with appreciation from Rudra, who praises Reema for her brilliant acting skills. Reema is happy for her to see this and starts to explain to Rudra how important it is for her to fulfill her dream, but somewhere she feels bad for Vivaan, who she left on the bus while she was sleeping. On the other hand, Vivaan is in Manali and disturbed by Reema’s act that cheats on her and leaves him alone. On the other hand, Reema apologizes to God for her deception. Rudra offers her the glass of juice from her and Reema drinks it, but she instantly feels uncomfortable because she didn’t realize that Rudra put something of hers in her juice which makes her uneasy.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Full Episode Written Update

Later, Reema lost her balance and lost consciousness. On the other hand, Rudra enjoys the scene and starts to smile after seeing Reema’s state and when she falls unconscious she takes her phone and takes out the SIM card to distract her from her whereabouts. It seems that he has made an evil plan for Reema that she caught so easily. On the other hand, Simar is busy making arrangements for the Janmashtami celebration and is doing Makhan for Prasad. She is trying to get all the ingredients that she needs for the celebration.

Suddenly Aarav arrives there and starts asking about Reema and Vivaan but Simar says that he really doesn’t know anything about it and it’s strange that Reema isn’t here as Janamashtmi is her favorite festival. Later, Sandhaya calls Simar and Aarav into the hall. Sandhya tells Geetanjali Devi that Simar is taking care of all the arrangements for the celebration, but Badi Maa ignores him, which hurts her. To find out what happened next, readers should watch this episode on their TV screens and stay with us for more updates.

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