Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 14th April 2022 Will Chitra succeed in killing Simar?

Sasural Simar Ka 2

With a new day, the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 will bring even more drama to your screen as it has been doing from the very first episode. Well, before heading towards the latest episode we would like to let you know about the previous episode of the show. So, in the last episode, we watched that Reema finally has signed the contract with Devesh. While at Vaishno Devi Chitra has decided to kill Simar. So, stick around to read the latest episode.

So, the latest episode begins with, Chitra thinking that how did Aarav had reached the spot, she runs to stop him. Samar runs toward Simar for stopping her from stepping ahead. Simar does not hear anything and keeps singing. Chitra somehow manages to stop Aarav. On the other side, Reema asks him if the cheques are fine. Vivaan says her to check it before doing anything. She replies him if he can check it for once. Meanwhile, Badi Maa comes there and asks her if everything is fine and has been done. He then hands over the file to her and tells her about the big order.

Badi maa then appreciates him saying his hard work paid off and the delivery should be done on time. He nods happily, she then asks him if he has checked all the papers. Reema nods, Vivaan nods too, saying they have checked it all but it would be better if she looks at them, she replies that if her Vivaan has checked it then there is no need to check them. Badi Maa sings the cheques and says that everyone’s payment should dispatch on time. Vivaan thanks her for showing her trust in him. She replies that he should focus on business and soon he will be a business expert like Aarav and she wants her both grandsons to handle the business and her daughters-in-law to handle the entire house.

There, back at Vaishno Devi, Chitra asks him what he is doing here because she told him to go down and get Simar. He replies that he met with a little girl on his way and she told him to go again because he will get to his destination in the Darbar. Chitra gets tensed thinking how her plan will fail, she then asks him if he does not have faith in her but in a stranger and that too a little girl. The episode ends here, stay tuned to know what happened next.

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