Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today’s Episode 30th April 2022 Will Dhami Snatch Aarav from Simar?

In the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2, you are going to watch a high voltage drama because as you must have watched in the previous episode, where Geetanjali Devi asks for Simar’s hand from Avinash and Indu. However, they all nod and agrees to Badi Maa’s points but when Aarav asks Simar if she is fine to begin his life again with a new chapter with him, Simar replies that she agrees and this is what she was dreaming of for a long time so she can’t deny it but as they are here to get the daughter of Narayan’s for Aarav so she wants their daughter for her brother.

So, the latest episode of SSK2 begins with, Reema and Riya talking when she asks her about Suhani, Riya replies that Suhani told her about Simar and her and Ranveer and Suhani are missing. Reema gets shocked asking, how? Riya replies that she tried to call them but they are out of reach of the network and she does not know what happened to them now she is getting worried thinking of them, and she starts crying. Reema tries to console her and says that Suhani is a pure soul and Mata Rani will not let anything happen wrong with her. Reema leaves saying her not to cry and be strong and let her know whenever she gets to know about them.

On the other side, Kanjak Pujan has done at Simar’s place where Aarav and his wife serve food to the girls and takes their blessings. Aarav looks at Simar and adores her saying that her smile is looking like a newlywed bride, she then looks into his eyes and says that he promises that he will not let this smile come down. Meanwhile, Dhami comes there and says looks at them and Simar asks her if she has understood her and accepted the traditions. Dhami looks at her, Simar adores her, and Dhami thanks Simar, for adoring her back.

Simar says that she is looking even good that no one can deny her today. Dhami thinks of this and she direct goes to Aarav and proposes to her and says to him to say Yes or NO… However, Aarav leaves there after making excuses. Dhami then goes back to Simar and thanks her saying “Thank You, Simar, today, just because of you I’m closer to my life’s love”. Simar does not understand what she is saying, and the episode ends here. Stay tuned with us to get latest written updates.

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